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Full Time
Salary: 45-60k

This is a temp-2-perm opportunity.
Freelance pay ranges from 22/hr - 31/hr

TimeToSignOff, a free, nightly curated e-mail for a savvy audience mostly based in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris is seeking a rising journalist with a sophisticated tone and fresh point of view to continue to grow subscribers and the company’s profile in the United States.

Recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine in its 2011 feature of 100 Brilliant Companies, a strong candidate for TimeToSignOff understands the intellectual needs of its readers, female and male urban dwellers that are looking for a media outlet that can inform them during weekday nights of the stories and news angles that will drive their cocktail conversations during the weekend.

Interested candidates should provide three examples of pithy writing alongside their resume that exhibit a tone and writing style that is simple but still resonates with readers. An in-person interview will be required as the potential candidate will also serve as a cultural commentator to various media outlets.

The candidate will be required to work in the office four days a week. Candidates with a master degree in Journalism or an MFA in writing are preferred.

The day-to-day responsibilities are as follows.

Accurately identify news stories of interest to an urban, professional audience
• Three stories on the day's most important news stories globally, nationally and locally (the city).
• Three stories for tomorrow: news of the day, a cultural event (concert, art show/film opening, etc), and a "deal" discounts on high-end products or experiences.
• Three stories for our readers who cannot sleep: Something to do inside (a book or a Netflix streaming movie), something to do outside (a late night concert, coffee bar, film, etc) and something fun and a bit seductive to share with a partner.

Condense these stories into one headline and two bulletpoint sentences -- short, lively and to the point.
Swiss Re-Arrest Wiki Whistleblower
• Former banker Rudolf Elmer was arrested again today on new charges of breaching Swiss bank secrecy law.
• Elmer was found guilty on other WikiLeaks-related privacy breach charges earlier Wednesday.

Select a factoid for each story, an interesting fact that helps put the story into context. In the story above our factoid was: Swiss banks hold an estimated $2 trillion for foreign clients.
The factoid is *not* the third line of your article, it is an associated but separate bit of information.

Post the stories on a Word Press-based site nightly
Be aware that we choose final stories between 5-6 pm. We publish during the holidays, but not on weekends. You will also be expected to be available to update stories as necessary, should critical news developments occur.

Post daily (3x on average, including weekends) to Facebook, Twitter, interact with readers, and work (via email/IM/phone) with our US-based team on social media and editorial strategy.

Assist with writing needs for its social media platform and marketing materials.

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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