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Our client’s eCommerce team is currently searching for an experienced writer and editor to work on a wide range of projects. You’ll be joining a fast-paced team that is striving to build a first-class digital commerce platform and nurture a growing gaming community, all while maintaining the our client’s website and ecommerce website.

As a go-to writer for both websites, you should be able to:

· Write clear, compelling headlines
· Make the most of short character counts
· Work with designers and engineers to craft copy for applications, user flows, and FAQs
· Write comfortably in a variety of tones (corporate, casual, instructional, etc.)
· Understand and contribute to our evolving style guides
· Navigate complex marketing plans and projects
· Stay in-step with shifting deadlines and messages
· Distill complex ideas into simple and straightforward communications
· Handle sensitive topics with care and precision

Position Requirements

· Bachelor’s Degree and 2+ years experience in UX or marketing writing
· Excellent written and verbal communication skills
· A love for precision and a passion for proper grammar
· A more than passing familiarity with the Chicago Manual of Style
· Ability to manage multiple projects and work directly with cross-functional teams
· Proven experience writing user interface copy
· Knowledge of basic HTML