Web Content Strategist

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The ideal candidate will know his/her way around the user experience landscape and will have a storied background in branding, content production or strategy, editorial management, and/or library sciences. The Content Strategist will audit, research, strategize, plan and assist development and production of progressive, engaging content programs for clients across the digital ecosystem—from websites to native apps to social media.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Conduct qualitative content audits of client websites
• Create content inventories to catalog and organize website content
• Create and manage content matrices for the assignment and tracking of new content
• Develop a competitive site analysis/gap analysis
• Help clients interpret research findings and analytics to inform content decisions
• Create taxonomy/nomenclature lists and definitions
• Conduct SEO keyword research and make recommendations on strategic keywords to pursue
• Develop, maintain and enforce editorial style guidelines
• Closely collaborate with interaction designers, product strategists, developers and visual designers to create innovative content solutions
• Develop search-friendly content, including strategic keyword placement within copy that optimizes content for indexing, ranking, click-troughs and conversions
• Identify marketplace opportunities where client brands can better meet the needs of existing and potential customers, and pro-actively pitch ideas
• Assess globalization and localization considerations
• Identify and develop workflow processes for requesting, creating, editing, publishing and retiring content
• Develop content governance plans for clients’ use

Required Skills and Experience:

• 2+ years experience as a content strategist on enterprise website projects
• A degree in English, Journalism, Communications or a related field
• 4+ years in an advertising or marketing agency (traditional or interactive) preferred
• Substantial experience in developing interactive content, managing online content strategy for various types of websites, mobile applications and tablets, as well as other digital and offline media platforms
• Ability to actively contribute to strategic brainstorming, campaign development, content strategy development and creative execution
• Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and effectively juggle different writing demands
• Understanding of graphic design and an appreciation of the interplay between textual and visual elements
• A strong understanding of Web trends and technologies
• A solid understanding of marketing and advertising principles
• Exceptional writing skills and attention to detail
• Strong leadership and collaboration skills