Web Content Manager

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We are looking for a content builder (someone who has some light code development skills specific to web content management). excellent proofreading skills, ability to work in a teamroom environment and someone who has web experience.

Deliverables:The deliverables are the ability to use a web content management tool (specifically Tridion) to upload content, images, banners, meta tags etc. to a web site. We need someone with excellent proofreading skills.

Although this role does not require the ability to code it is very beneficial if they have enough web knowledge as our websites are a combination of web content and html pages. 508 compliance ensures our web sites are viewable by screen readers and other tools used by the handicapped. We've found that a general understanding of web practices really helps a candidate be successful.

We have various publishing schedules. At this time we have releases twice a week beginning at 10pm - they can last for half an hour - they have been known to last for 4-8 hours. Once a month we usually have a release that begins around midnight and ends around 2-3am. Sometimes we have emergency releases - perhaps once a month or so. For the folks that have to work these releases they usually get to go home early the day of the release and then work from home the next day. Whatever amount of hours the release took - those are the hours that the person can take as comp time.

JOB SUMMARY:Collaborates with Site Managers and other Builders to build, manage and deploy content to various Nationwide web sites. Working knowledge of web site development is essential. The contractor must be able to effectively receive, translate and deliver web content from verbal and/or written requirements. The contractor must be able to communicate effectively between Site Managers and other Builders. Attention to detail, written and oral communication as well as time management skills are critical to this role.