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Visual/Interaction Designer

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In this role, you will support design teams in improving search and creating delightful experiences for the user. In this role, you will work on whole page work (i.e. headers, web results, ads, etc.), create presentations and doing feature work redlines. We have a preference for someone with HTML & CSS, we have custom tools that require this. Looking for a mid-level person (2-3 years) with good visual and interactive design. Will do production work in this role.

What is a typical day:

• Experience working with templates, following interface guidelines, big data

• Familiarity with Fireworks and Illustrator

• Visual portfolio showing comps, wireframes, sketches + production design work, evidence of working on the grid

• Our platforms are desktop / mobile / tablet. The ideal candidate will have experience working on all three.

• Good visual design skills, attention to detail



The role involves a balance of innovative thinking and design production work to align with a whole system of components, devices, canvases and templates.


-Designs user interfaces for web, mobile and other devices with some experience in mobile/tablet area is beneficial

-Checking in to see what the latest work is, working on the search engine. Information design. Creating image assets, doing red lines to the specifications that we already have in place

-Working on a presentation, taking a presentation and elevating it to a design standard

- 1 project for several days, or a couple projects to work on,


Looking for someone that is flexible, communicates well with people, asks questions, and can work independently


TOP 3 requirements:

a.) Looking for good visual design experience - Ability to work on the Adobe Suite products

b.) Familiarity with tech culture

c.) Laid back, mellow. Tasks can vary, has to handle the flow of work

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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