Visual Designer-Long term contract

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Visual Designers play an important role on our User Experience (UX) team, creating the visual expression of our brand to the world. Their primary responsibility is to design websites and mobile applications that help us connect with our customers. Visual Designers collaborate openly with other members of the UX discipline, including Copywriters, Interaction Designers, and Front-End Developers, as well as members of our Marketing and Product teams.

Great candidates for this role are enthusiastic about creating modular design systems that can be applied across a range of different sites and applications. How do we use typography to communicate the right brand messages? How do we use color to depict our brand and draw users’ attention to certain elements? How do common elements across all tools help shape our users’ experience?

Strong Visual Designers think not only about the way things look, but also how they work. In the case of designing a web application, they understand modern front-end web technologies like HTML 5 and CSS3 and how these tools can be used to improve the UX. In the case of designing a mobile experience, they think about the physical device at hand and how everything from aspect ratio to gesture-based inputs can affect the quality of the design solution. There are a million things to think about, and Visual Designers love to explore them.
• Creating visual design deliverables such as concept sketches, layouts, and specifications
• Conducting effective meetings with project stakeholders to understand project requirements
• Collaborating effectively with UX team members, as well as other project stakeholders
• Establishing and documenting visual design standards for common usage across all applications
• 2+ years experience designing digital marketing solutions
• Clear examples showing design systems – consistent use of layout elements, grid, typography, iconography, and color
• Experience with modular design systems is required
• Strong portfolio of work showing a range of design styles
• Expert-level skill in Adobe CS5 for Mac OS
• Secondary UX skills in Interaction Design or Front-End Development are a plus
• Experience with content management systems and/or mobile design is helpful
• Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related field is preferred