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Visual Designer

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Vitamin T's client is a start-up that's creating a productivity app for business - an app to encourage/reward the user for good decisions!

*This position starts end of September, but the client would like to start interviewing the week of 9/16/13.
*This position will be a mix of on-site (Hancock Park - start up home office environment a couple days a week to start) & off-site/remote. You must possess your own laptop.
*T2P - will freelance for a couple months and if the candidate is a good fit, will bring on fulltime.
*Pay rate starts at $30/hr or $60K fulltime. Please note your rates.

Client is looking for a visual designer who has these skills:

>Strong graphic design - graphics that are bold and clear
>knowledge of responsive design
>Dreamweaver useful
>Website sample that client is drawn to:

Designer will build the design around emotional experience. This is for global use (ie, multi-language, multi-cultural), so knowledge of "universal design" is a must. (ie, RED=stop/danger/bad; GREEN = good; YELLOW = caution). This will be a cloud based, interactive application that is incredibly data intensive behind the scenes.


Lead designer will be working closely with the product inventor, to create the full user interactive view of a powerful, global, cloud-based application for browsers, tablets and smartphones. We are looking for a designer with strong graphic skills - graphics that are bold, clear and light. The selected designer will have a strong feeling for how users respond emotionally to the actions they perform on the screen, and how color choices drive decisions. Our product is a business application, but our approach is to think of the user as playing a game. Every action the user performs generates a response: they are "rewarded" for smart decisions, and "punished" for bad decisions. Our users are global: we bellieve that the best way to communicate with them is with the use of Icons. Icons have to be culturally sensitive - and globally communicative.

The output of the design will be an HTML5 delivery, a style guide, and the creation of web components.

If this is you, you will be a leading player in a startup building an interactive, very high data-intensive, cloud-based SaaS business application, delivered to browsers, tablets and smartphones for the global market.

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