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Our client is looking for a videographer. 

They need someone to run the cameras and engage people. There is another team that iwll do footage editing for final production. We only need someone to get the footage. 

Here are the job deets.... 


This individual will:

 Lead video shoots (videography setup of camera, lighting and sound at client location)

 Ability to videotape in large conference rooms or video production studios

 Manage and seat the client on set utilizing the best videography approaches; take steps

to ensure the client looks good, feels comfortable and is confident

 Record sound via lavaliere mics into cameras

 Provide short and long range videotaping and audio recording (e.g. conferences, video

production studio)

 Transfer raw audio/footage to Video Editing team lead or self-edit audio and video

 Edit and research music selections, as requested

 Develop custom animation affects, as requested

 Manage video revisions as necessary



 3-4 years of videography experience

 Able to submit portfolio

Desired Skills & Traits:

 Excellent client relationship skills

 Strong camera technician capabilities with experience with Sony 4k and DSLR T5


 Experience in taking high-quality, impromptu or studio still photos

 Proficiency with Adobe Premier Pro

 Proficiency with Adobe Illustrator is a plus

 Creativity and innovation with an eye for the latest video affects and media layout


 Superior attention to detail

 Highly responsive and efficient in responding to clients’ needs

 Versatile and flexible to clients’ requests and work schedule

 Team player

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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