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Video Producer

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The Video Producer will bring the project’s vision to life through an understanding of: skilled cinematography, the technology used to produce videos, vendor maintenance and selection, and file management and archival.

The Video Producer will execute each video considering pace for optimal impact as well as the project’s message. He/she will coordinate with both in and out of house teams when necessary, working closely with the Marketing Creative Team including copywriters, art directors, and designers.

Must be skilled in the physical aspect of a video’s production such as expertly operating a camera, lights, and audio equipment on set, in the studio and in the field, whether using prosumer HD equipment or professional hardware; as well as software aptitude in all video and audio editing software. Must also be proficient in all production requirements for both online and broadcast.

Works with instructional direction from Senior Copywriter and/or Script Writer. Collaborates with Senior Art Directors, Online Designers, and Graphic Designers. Contacts include Marketing Creative Manager, Marketing Creative Project Manager, Research and Development members and Brand team members.


Essential Functions / Major Responsibilities:

• Manage, modify, and improve the video process and schedules
• Create project synopsis; Solicit bids; deliverable specs; Award projects; Negotiate contracts; Contract deliverables and specifications drafting; Contract review
• Maintain archive of video files; Ensure video files, both working and final, are placed on the company server in the restricted-access video folder
• Must be able to source, gather, and doctor the visual assets needed to produce videos within limited budgets and schedules. Must work with the respective Brand’s Marketing Art Director to attain and/or create all necessary visual assets; assets include product shots, artwork, logos, text treatments, supers, and simple animations
• Ensure all concepts and/or scripts are reviewed by all appropriate team members prior to Brand review on a project-by-project basis (eg: design meetings, concepting sessions, etc.)
• Present video for approval to numerous internal departments, including Brand, Digital, PR and CAPS from reviews with Brand to building and adhering to a video production pipeline
• After review of work in progress with necessary internal stakeholders provide direction and feedback to the vendor
• Liaises between in-house Brand and Creative teams and outside vendors; outside vendors include, but are not limited to: Production Houses, Animation Studios, Post-Production Studios, Recording Studios, Directors, Producers, Talent Agents, Actors, Production Assistants, and Set Designers
• Book video and digital editing houses; Source and provide assets to vendors; Source and provide direction for on-camera and voice-over video talent
• Ensure all files are in the correct format, at the correct file size, optimally compressed, and ready for distribution, on time and on budget
• Coordinate with Project Manager and Business Affairs for contracts and legal review; Work with Project Manager and Purchasing to create POs, handle billing, and reconcile invoices
• Deliver files to internal sources for distribution including online, conventions; Arrange localization of files; Deliver localized files to foreign offices
• Create weekly status updates that recap all current video projects and send to internal marketing and digital departments
• Maintain Wizards of the Coast’s high quality and production standards N/A (100% of the time)
• Take direction and assimilate feedback from multiple parties N/A (100% of the time)
• Mostly works with vendors to produce videos, but the ability to shoot and direct video, as well as to execute and edit scripted and non-scripted productions using raw footage, motion graphics and audio elements a huge plus
• Ability to shoot, edit, and push video live during gaming events is a plus


Education and Training:

• High school diploma or equivalent required.
• Minimum of 5 years experience in production for scripted and unscripted projects
• Professional credited work experience that showcases strong production value

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Visual storyteller with experienced, professional creative techniques and tactics
• Experienced in Animation, CGI and Live Action Video creation / production
• Current knowledge of relevant regulations, specifications as they relate to video and motion graphics production and distribution
• Organizational and managerial skills, attention to detail
• Project management and multi-tasking skills;
• Ability to work under pressure, adhere to tight deadlines, and produce within budget
• Highly effective negotiating skills— Diplomacy and sensitivity when dealing with vendors, partner organizations, and colleagues
• Must have the skills and abilities involved to network with other professionals in the industry
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills— Ability to address various and diverse stakeholder interests and work towards mutually acceptable solution
• Excellent presentation skills
• Initiative and problem solving skills
• Familiarity handling video cameras, lights and audio for professional production
• Knowledge and expertise in broadcast/narrowcast video techniques
• Able to take original footage from concept phase to final output, executing for all applicable applications and working within a spectrum of file size restrictions
• Strength in speedy, accurate execution of short form video content, with an emphasis on Event coverge and publication
• Must be able to take constructive criticism and with a positive attitude incorporate input from others that result in modifications of original work
• Excellent overwriting skills a plus
• Knowledge of marketing and visual branding is a plus
• Stays current on emerging technologies
• Knowledge of current game industry trends a plus
• On-going understanding of Wotc products and programs is a plus
• Team player, willing to collaborate

Software Knowledge Required:

Industry standard video and audio editing software, including but not limited to:

• Avid house
• Premier
• After Effects
• Garage Band

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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