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Vehicle QA Art Trainer

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The QA Art Trainer works with a team of QA artists to maintain quality standards of content authored by offsite vendors. This involves regular check-ins throughout the authoring process on both externally developed content and the work of an internal QA team and assuring that the content is being authored to spec and standards.

We are seeking a candidate with a strong knowledge of video game art production and authoring skills.  In addition, the candidate can communicate well, both verbally as well as written.  Your portfolio has solid hard surface experience; cars, airplanes, buildings, things that exist in real life and ideally the photo reference demonstrating solid understanding of the translation from 2D to 3D

This position involves

•             Assimilating the production specifications and deliver consistent positive results

•             Demonstrate the standards and promote similar results within the QA team

•             Reviewing car content at specific stages of production and providing written feedback and revision details.

•             Working in proprietary and third-party authoring tools and source control

  • Typical Tasks:
    • Almost entirely digging into content on a daily basis; this is a generalist, looking at and comparing vendor delivery to the specs and giving feedback on how to bring the delivered car into the specs
    • 50% giving QA feedback
    • 50% fixing bugs (reviewed and triaged by an FTE)
    • They will interact with Gabe or one of his direct reports/Sr. Artists
    • They have a stand-up every morning; will be doing a lot of pre-production and QA work
    • The External Developers send the rough product back and this person will then take the returned product for QA
    • This person will then identify any bugs or issues and send back to Ex-Devs for polishing.
    • Once the product is returned, if up to par, this person submits to the Art Lead.
    • Taking finished asset and fixing post vendor approved bugs.



  • 3-5 years of game production experience (AAA titles)
  • Proficient in 3DSMax
  • Experience assimilating specs/process and understanding what is expected around the final product.
  • Experience with source control (Perforce) and bug database experience.
  • Needs a very good understanding of 3D work
  • Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, Architecture or related field and/or certificate of completion in 3D preferred.
  • Best vs Average
    • Experience writing spec documentation/build specs
    • Understand build spec/needs of the asset
    • Able to manage time and timelines and deadlines
    • Experience assimilating specs/process, and understanding what is expected around the final product

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