User Researcher

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User research specialist with expertise in a broad range of qualitative user research methods including usability testing. The researcher will partner closely with the design team, internal business clients, research peers and vendors.

There are two primary areas of responsibility for this role: leading and managing research studies in collaboration with research vendor partners and leading/executing lab studies.

The researcher will engage with one of the trusted research vendors to plan and execute the research (the vendor would be responsible for all deliverables, including screener, discussion guide, moderation, and final report). Additionally, the researcher will act as an internal consultant to our business partners to:

• Define research goals
• Outline the study scope
• Identify requirements for research materials (prototypes, etc.)
• Facilitate project completion in collaboration with research vendor

The second primary responsibility includes leading and executing small-scale studies as part of our Listening Lab program. This is a more traditional role in which the researcher partners with business clients and customer experience team and executes all aspects of research.

As a Lab moderator, the researcher will:

• Oversee recruiting
• Define/design the research methodology
• Moderate the study
• Analyze data
• Document research results and make recommendations
• Effectively communicate findings to a broad audience of stakeholders