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User Experience Researcher

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User Researcher/Usability Analyst

User Researcher/Usability Analyst will report to the UX Manager and work with a multi-discipline
team including strategists, user researchers, interaction designers, information architects, and
visual designers. This critical role will have responsibility for planning and conducting user-centered
design research and usability testing in support of web and mobile experiences.

Major responsibilities and duties: Define research objectives, plan and execute research projects.
Distill project goals and research questions into well thought-out research plans.
Offer innovative approaches to research when resources or time is limited.
Work closely with cross-functional teams to identify and prioritize research
questions based on analysis of current knowledge, project goals and risks.

Identify best method or mix of methods based on research questions, timeline and resourcing.
Recommend research protocols and develop qualitative and quantitative analysis;
leverage web analytics and recommend new metrics when appropriate to improve understanding
of web usability effectiveness.

Manage all related logistics to successfully execute on lab-based user testing,
remote testing, paper prototype testing, iterative prototype testing, concept testing,
field research, international research, and survey design.
Assist in the development of prototypes when necessary.

Translate findings into design recommendations and actions plans to quickly improve web solutions. Strategize with the UX team and business stakeholders on how to take action on research findings.
Assist in documenting usability requirements learned through research and testing.

Establish and manage a database of research and usability testing participants.
Cultivate and manage customer recruitment and participation in user research, design testing,
and usability testing; manage customer contacts database.

When necessary assist with generative research methods including:
expert/stakeholder interviews, field studies, contextual inquiry, focus groups,
online surveys and other generative research methods.
Also assist in the identification of user needs and goals, as well as scenarios, task and workflow modeling.

Perform thorough data analysis in an efficient manner in order to create insightful
and actionable findings presentations (both verbal and written) within project timeframes

Promote user-centered design and help establish robust research and design processes.

Requirements: 7+ years experience in user interface design, information architecture,
usability testing, human factors, and other related disciplines.

3+ years experience in user research, including contextual inquiry and iterative usability testing.

Experience with high volume websites or mission critical applications a must.

A strong portfolio demonstrating past work experience and deliverables (eg: study plans, reports, etc.)

End-to-end experience with all aspects of research (study design, recruiting, moderation, analysis, reporting).

Demonstrate fluency in best practices for both qualitative and quantitative user research.

Experience with generative and structured research and testing techniques.

Proven ability to instill user experience and usability as a core value and effectively
managing related culture and process changes.

Experience implementing processes and methodology to ensure an effective
approach to user-centered design.

Outstanding communication, organization, time management, and interpersonal skills.

Effective cross-function collaboration skills.

Ability to employ pragmatic and effective approaches to UX.

Experience with all stages of the software development lifecycle

Minimum bachelors degree in related area such as psychology, human factors or HCI.

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