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User Experience Manager

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On the look out for a skilled UX Manager! 

You will be working on-site with our client helping them consult on large and complex design problems. This role will be centered around interface design and business analytics. You will need to be able to demonstrate your ability to solve design problems through an online portfolio. 

You must be able to manage the following: 

Problem Framing 

  • Articulate the business goals and objectives, desired content and features/functionality, and the context of site usage serving as a reference point for both the client and development team. 
  • Create alignment between project management, technology, and the creative team. Provides thought leadership and guidance for the overall interactive solution. 
  • Facilitate client workshops to drive decisions and consensus around vision, goals and problem definition. 

User Research 

  • Conduct persona and behavioral examinations such as Ethnographic User Research, Usability Studies, Surveys, Interviews, Site Metrics, etc. 
  • Perform contextual task analysis by describing procedures as case studies, process flows, relational maps, user scenarios, etc. 
  • Create and prioritize user scenarios based on task analysis and research findings. 
  • Define best practices and standards related to persona development and user segmentation. 

User Experience Design 

  • Use best practices including knowledge of the audience and the business to develop a "big picture" view of the process steps and screens required to successfully accomplish tasks by describing responsibilities, interactions and online/offline activities as storyboards, process flows, sitemap, etc. 
  • Design how content is structured and the sequence of screen-level interactions between the user and the system/content as wireframes, user flows, SEO guidelines, content map, etc. 
  • Create a low-fidelity, but functional, model of a critical component of the system to experience, communicate and test a design solution. Define the evaluation criteria to score what works for the user and what does not. 
  • Develops pattern libraries to develop modular systems and to ensure consistent use of screen elements. 

Data Visualization 

  • Explore the data landscape and propose visualization solutions/narrations based on findings (underlying stories, attributes, themes, units of information, etc.). 
  • Understand the technical opportunities/limitations in visualization methods and offers recommendations for usage, or adaptation, specific to nuances of the initiative, data, audience and objectives. 

Project Management 

  • Create accurate design plans to address the time and tasks required to complete the tasks assigned. Track and communicate individual progress according to the established plan. 
  • Proactively be on the look out for and communicate design and development dependencies, risks and pitfalls. 

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