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Urgent Animator/Motion Graphics Needed. - 2 week+ booking

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Agency has looked through a particular element of an animators style of work is what they are looking for.

This sort of style:

"Our client is looking for two videos which will be around 90 seconds long. Each video needs demonstrate their new dimension on their customer journey and customer service from being at home to being able to book appointments online in an easy and quick way, making the process for the customers convenient in their every day busy life. The videos need to be a way of creatively showing the journey of the story and story of each characters life.

I have attached a quick brief for you so you have a clear understanding of what we will be needed. Please see attached.

Also attached is an example of one of the characters journey, this is a rough copy but it will show you the depth we would like the story to go into. I have also attached the omnichannel journey for you if this is a little clearer.

We will be needing two videos each at 90 seconds long.

The deadline for this is extremely tight. Our client would like this to go live on Monday 8th September so we will need the final cut on Friday 5th September. ( Very tight )

The style of work we are relating to is based on the simpler styles which are easy to follow. Below are some examples; - This is a popular style at the minute which is a simple styled way of telling a characters story. This has been quite popular with blogger, celebrities, and you tube. This is a good way of going into a story and visually showing each step. The illustration if very simple but its a clear message. - 11 seconds - 11 seconds into Jason’s showreel this is a sketch style that we can relate to well. The style of drawing and how the elements are coloured in. But its very much so working on the simple background based on a ‘ marker pen ‘ style. - 20 seconds - Again this is a simple style, but the elements the filling in the characters an content is the style we are looking for. - This is an artist that we also can relate to quite well. The style of characters are soft, relatable, quirky, but still in the sketch style we are looking for. - This is a similar style to the monochrome background we like. The actually style of the characters are not quite what we are looking for but the background story and the movement is very much what we have in mind. "


These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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