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Unity Game Architect

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AQUENT is seeking a Unity Game Architect for one of our COOLEST clients in San Francisco!

Do you enjoy working on the leading edge of tech trends and discovering useful new uses for technology? Do you thrive in an interdisciplinary setting, working with designers and other technologists? Even after taking off your Vive goggles, do you wonder – am I still in the Matrix? Read on Neo…

This position is all about doing meaningful work that could make a real positive impact in people’s lives. It will require you to push yourself to learn new techniques while staying nimble with a wide array of projects to keep things new and fresh in the office. We have a passion for AR/VR and love finding new innovative purposes for game engines in product development. As a key member of the team, we are looking for someone with a similar passion for AR/VR and game engines.
This team does not work on long project timelines, we are crafting and building a wide array of experiments, prototypes and products in our studio. While we work on a wide array of technically complex, high polish work we don’t have a burn-out culture. There are no 14 hour days here – we believe in a stable work environment, finding balance to keep our team happy and creative.

The Unity3D game architect will work on a small interdisciplinary team to design, develop, and maintain prototype VR/AR concepts using C#, .NET in the Unity3D Game Engine. Must be experienced with Unity GUI, Object Oriented Design principles, asset bundles, and script writing in C#. The Unity3D architect will also interact with other line of business teams, 3d artists, and the strategy team. The architect must be a team player and work well in a collaborative environment. If you have a passion for creating products at the bleeding edge of innovation and are the best at what you do we want to hear from you!”

The Team
Do you believe in the future of virtual and augmented reality as a game changing technology with the capability to enhance our ability to convey complex information and tell stories? We believe in this new medium in need of exploring its strengths and weaknesses. We believe there is no better way to explore this exciting medium than to focus on an industry with concrete needs. The Creative Technology Group is this company’s in-house team devoted to exploring emergent technology through experimentation of its applicability in daily life and what forms it shall take. We are interested in exploring the intersection of human need and technological capability to define the bleeding edge of innovation.

What you’ll bring:
-An enthusiasm and passion for creating immersive experiences.
-A thirst for learning how people work with the cutting edge experiences we craft.
-An openness to be wrong and a thirst to iterate and find answers to hard problems through prototyping.
-A maker-mindset and ability to work in a hands on fashion
-Deep knowledge in how to bring ideas from rough sketch to prototype in a nimble fashion.
-As an experiment minded maker, you will not feel attached to your code or artwork. If it is used you find that an added benefit, if discarded after an experiment you will be satisfied that it served its purpose gallantly.

What you’ll do:
-The applications you develop may be very diverse from representational interfaces, character work, physical interfaces, VR/AR, chat interfaces and others we have not yet dreamt of together!
-You will work with designers, other developers, line of business professionals and other domain experts as an integral part to develop concepts.
-From these concepts you will work with the other members of the creative technology group to develop prototypes.
-You will test these prototypes and other experiments with users.
-From the experiments you will learn both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Basic Qualifications:
- Bachelor’s Degree or military experience
-  At least 5 years of experience with object oriented design, design patterns, 3D Math, and data structures
-  At least 5 years of experience working in a test-and-learn fashion, iterating prototypes using user feedback
-  At least 5 years of experience with Unity3D Pro including Unity GUI, asset bundles and materials/shaders
-  At least 5 years of experience with Graphics Development (Particle Systems, Shaders)
-  Must have shipped at least one game or app using Unity

Preferred Qualifications:
- 7 years of experience of C# and the .net framework 2.0 or above
- 7 years of experience with OSX, iOS, and/or Mono
- 7 years of experience publishing to Android
- 7 years of experience crafting games on VR/AR such as Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Microsoft HoloLens
- 7 years of experience with Visual Studio
- 7years of experience with Team Foundation Server
- 7 years of experience with Unity Project collaboration with Asset Server
- Cultural and industry savvy to what is happening in the forefront of AR/VR

Additional Notes:
- Ideally someone that has been part of team that has released games using Unity
- Experience working with other creative 3d artists, 3d designers
- Will be working with game logic, handle assets, rules and with engineers to make the pieces come together
- Will be working on many fast paced prototypes and projects
- Must have strong communication skills, will be speaking with internal stake holders
- Unity is the MUST HAVE (software package)

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