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UX/UI Designer (Jr.-Mid. Level)

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We are looking for someone to join the Research Technology Team for our large financial services client to create both low-fidelity wireframes as well as high-fidelity mockups.

It’s all about software and apps, data visualization, interactive infographics, and about building high-quality wireframes and mockups!

The role spans both innovative interactive products (think of NYT interactive pieces) as well as new desktop and mobile applications.

Soft Skill Must-Haves:
• Embracing the Agile mindset: favoring fast adaptation over strict adherence to protocol, and
• Having the skill, motivation and discipline to turn in high-quality wireframes and mockups in relatively short deadlines.

The Process:
We will need all of your creativity and imagination working together to conceive innovative and elegant solutions to complex usability problems. Then you will materialize those solutions first as wireframes, and you will help run user interviews to quickly evolve these wireframes in an iterative process.

With each iteration you will increase the fidelity of the wireframes until they look like screenshots of a product that doesn’t yet exist, including clickable prototypes (for example by making clickable hotspots in a PDF document, or through other means).

Then you will work with developers providing them visual specifications as they build the new product.

The Product:
Much of the work we do is building both interactive products in publications by Research Analysts, as well as online applications for both desktop and mobile. This work includes dense financial data, summary/dashboard views and complex workflows.

• A portfolio demonstrating experience designing complex desktop and mobile *wireframes* and *high-fidelity mockups* of applications and interactive pieces.
• Ability to communicate design ideas and take feedback and direction from multiple stakeholders.
• Ability to work in a highly-collaborative decentralized environment and successfully juggle multiple projects and competing priorities.

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