UX Strategist

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Our Client is looking for a UX designer, they are looking to approach our design development with a new perspective. As opposed to designing an experience around our system we need to identify the individual components that make up our system and how they function together in the following environments: Creating an exciting experience

1. Desktop
2. Mobile handset
3. Tablet

Provided detailed functionality around the individual components we need examples of how they are represented in these various environments. Your team should be prepared to identify these components and include generic suggested wireframes layouts on various devices and screen sizes as well as platform restrictions. How they look is less important as how they function at this point. We're developing on the Amazon Webstores platform and this should serve as a framework for one environment that are tools must work. There will be other commerce platforms that we will develop on as Amazon is the first the candidate should be prepared and capable of looking at Magento, Demandware, etc for reference.

It's important we identify all the components and how they fit in a multitude of environments and function as a unified system. I have attached both wireframes that identify these components on a desktop. The job now is to update this to reflect the interactions / opportunities afforded by tablets and phones while incorporating the desktop environment. If we can provide this information to our developers they will have a deeper understanding of how to engineer a unified system made up of individual widgets / components that are reusable and skinnable for different devices and platforms. We're really trying to push the boundaries yet maintain sensible UI / UX to accommodate our goals.