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UX Lead

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The UX Lead partners with Product Development and key stakeholders to infuse the user-centered design perspective into the vision in order to deliver compelling cross-channel experiences. They translate the overall vision into a creative design plan and execute on that plan.

—— Required soft skill set ——

• Diplomat/skilled negotiator
• Works independently and through influence. Makes recommendations based on strong understanding of consumer and stakeholder perspectives.
• Facilitator/leader
• Takes a leadership role to drive the experience vision forward within creative design. Facilitates discussions, work efforts, tradeoffs, etc.
• Confident
• Works with limited direction and ""manages up"" as needed.
• Good communicator. Listens actively, conveys ideas clearly, and tailors messaging by audience.
• Empathetic
• Demonstrates crisp understanding of diverse organizational challenges and motivations in a given experience space; demonstrates understanding of member/customer pain points and opportunities in a given experience space.
• Relationship builder
• Builds strong, trusted working partnerships across different organizational levels and boundaries.
• Organized
• Understands and keeps abreast of multiple tracks of work; provides structure to areas where none exists."

—— Required UX skill set ——

• User-centered design expert
• Has strong knowledge of the user-centered design approach and how to integrate methodologies into the structure of large initiatives.
• Knowledgeable about the experience
• Has strong understanding of consumer/customer needs in a given experience space.

—— Activities, responsibilities, and deliverables ——

• Reviews all existing metrics, roadmaps, and requirements to ensure a clear understanding of where the experience design needs to go. Deliverables (PdM): product roadmap, requirements, etc.
• Builds a creative design plan based on the experience vision, business and experience priorities, and user-centered design best practices.

The creative design plan is a tool to drive the Creative Services design work and includes:
• Summary of the initiative scope and purpose
• Requirements and success metrics
• User goals and key design scenarios
• Key design constraints and considerations
• Experience design principles
• High-level Creative Services development plan. Deliverables (UxL): Creative design plan (new)
• Organizes and facilitates kick-offs for experience design work. Deliverables (UxL): Kick-off agenda and outcomes document
• Works in close partnership with Product Development to create and refine the experience vision based on a deep understanding of business and user needs. Deliverables (PdM/UxL): Experience vision, refined business requirements
• Provides input into the research plan that defines how the experience design will be evaluated for alignment with the strategic vision. Deliverables (UR): Research plan
• Creates Creative Services user stories based on experience vision, user-centered design approach thinking, and immediate project needs. Deliverables (UxL): CS user stories
• Works closely with the User Researcher and Product Manager to identify gaps in user needs' understanding and provides input into the research plan for addressing those gaps. Deliverables (UR): Research plan
• Partners with the Product Manager and CS team to communicate and demo work progress to stakeholders. Deliverables (CS team): CS design deliverables.
• Facilitates iteration meetings to communicate and discuss Creative Services work progress (both in terms of quality and completeness), scope issues, timeline issues, requirements alignment, etc. Deliverables (UxL): Iteration mtg. Agendas
• Provides ongoing input to the Portfolio Lead and Product Manager(s) around the prioritization of the experience/product backlog based on user goals, motivations, and needs. Deliverables (PL/PdM): Experience/product backlog
• Attends key stakeholder meetings to consult and represent Creative Services around problem-solving, bridging gaps, and avoiding organizational silos.
• Reviews CS deliverables for alignment with the experience vision and requirements, creative design plan, technical considerations, etc. Deliverables (CS team): CS design deliverables
• Works with other UX Leads and Product Managers to identify touch points, dependencies, and opportunities across initiatives that lead to better end-to-end experiences.
• Meets with Portfolio Lead and Product Managers regularly to discuss initiative progress (e.g., status against vision, successes, roadblocks). Deliverables (UxL): Creative Services development plan (aka CS release plan)
• Facilitates tradeoff decisions and makes recommendations across business, user experience, and technical considerations. Deliverables (UxL): Experience design tradeoff document (new)
• Works with the Portfolio Lead and Product Manager(s) to ensure that the Creative Services design team has exposure to and communication around the evolution of the program strategy and near-term scope changes.
• Identifies areas where the consumer or customer experience is not being represented or integrated well into the design and works with the team to address. Deliverables (CS team): CS design deliverables.
• Escalates initiative issues to the Product Team and Creative Services leadership as needed.
• Provides feedback on moderator guides and other research artifacts. Deliverables (UR): moderator guide
• Works with Product Manager(s) and Creative Services team to ensure the design is developed and reviewed appropriately during the development phase. Deliverables (CS team): CS design deliverables
• Works with the Creative Services design team to ensure that all our work adheres to the Creative Services process.

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