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UX Engineer

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We’re looking for an experienced Front End Developer/ UX Engineer with a solid understanding of UX practices to help define how innovators in life sciences explore and interact with one of the world’s largest repositories of healthcare data. If you are the ideal candidate, your passion about the presentation layer is fueled by utilizing the newest front-end solutions in order to create brand defining user experiences. You believe that interface behaviors have the power to build a brand and work tirelessly to ensure thought-provoking interactions are built structurally sound and pixel perfect.

Work flows begin by collaborating with interaction designers to envision what compelling, simple, and on-brand experiences look like for a suite of applications. Your JavaScript skills, and knowledge of frameworks, then turn interactive prototypes into powerful, lightweight UI components that are ready for committal. UX Designers will ensure intended results are accomplished, and Visual Designers will be engaged to ensure your CSS3, SCSS/SASS and/or LESS executions meet brand guideline specs. After an iterative process of prototyping has passed usability testing, you will be responsible for participating in code reviews and using distributed version control systems to merge your solutions into a Platform UI Library. Your partnering with UI Engineers on the platform will not only ensure components are consistent across products but that they are architected in such a way that Application Engineers will love using them.

Qualified candidates will be Front End Developers/ UX Engineers with extensive knowledge of building modular, scalable UI components that will be consumed by multiple product engineering teams across the organization. A keen ability to build front end solutions will be needed to prototype designs for various stakeholders in the areas of usability testing, proof of concepts, demos, UI libraries and product release. This is a great opportunity to be a part of work that is pioneering the process for how healthcare data is being consumed.


* Collaborating with interaction designers to influence pattern behaviors based on technical freedoms and constraints

* Building lightweight, modularized pieces of code that meet the intended specs and UX behaviors

* Ensuring each component has been visually designed to pixel perfection and meets design language guidelines

* Developing prototypes for stakeholder demos and usability testing; iterating on feedback

* Innovating interactions for design patterns that close the gap between web and mobile

* Collaborating cross-functionally to audit and correct user interface bugs

* Assisting Platform Managers in maintaining an evolving release schedule for platform components

* Responsible for code reviews, committal of UI modules into UI Library

Basic Qualifications

* 4+ years of demonstrable experience developing front-end solutions for web applications

* A strong portfolio of forward thinking UX and IxD driven components

* Strong proficiency in JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks

* Experience with CSS3, SCSS/SASS and/or LESS

* Experience with responsive design

* History of rapid prototyping experience developing static and hi-fi prototypes for various stakeholders

* Great communication skills and ability to keep global stakeholders posted on appropriate levels of detail in a timely manner

Preferred Qualifications

* Desktop, Mobile and Tablet design experience across multiple platforms

* Experience with distributed version control systems

* Knowledgable with AngularJS or Closure

* Prior platform experience building modules at scale

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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