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UX Designer

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The team is seeking a talented and committed designer to lead a complete re-envisioning of content management and commerce platform. We are specifically looking for UX Designers with experience in Software Development Interaction.

Our users are the people that design, build and publish the diverse online experiences you see in web sites, our online store, and our broad range of devices. Our internal partners include global marketing team, applications team, gaming team, and mobile devices. Our users demand flexible, intuitive and reliable tools that enable rapid build out, publishing and maintenance of web content and commerce channels, with a constant watch on live-site data to confirm success against their goals.

We need a talented interaction designer to work with our engineering team. Our immediate goal is to know our users well, understanding their needs and their journeys. We need to understand our users deeply, someone with the level of empathy required to go beyond providing what our users need to be incredibly productive. We want to deliver tools people feel good about working with so they can produce their best results. We need someone who can design a system that that is oriented to the individual user and his or her team, providing role-based workflows that enable quickly and confidently accomplishing each step of bringing great user experiences online.

Beyond the research aspects of the job, we need a designer that can quickly and confidently turn out sketches and wireframes as disposable tools for gaining consensus, and then moving on to defining end-to-end workflows with increasingly higher fidelity. The ultimate goal is a detailed, clickable/animated vision for the entire suite, delivered to engineering in phases for development.

This requires a hard-nosed advocate for accessibility, usability and productivity, and what that means for a broad range of users, including those who don’t speak our language natively and those who require accommodation for their unique needs. It also requires being a quick study, learning the business goals of our users and the pressures they operate under, their long days and late nights, to accomplish tasks at internet scale. As designs mature, perfecting the workflows will ultimately be less important than developing the library of patterns and workflow components engineers will reference while extending and refining existing workflows.

We are flexible when it comes to design tools and are prepared to support a collaborative system that will allow Program Managers and Engineers access to actively participate in the process. We are interested in new tools that make the process as fluid as possible and seek to learn as much as we can about supporting creative professionals in the process.

A successful candidate will have the experience to seek out simple solutions to complex design challenges and be comfortable designing for new and ambiguous scenarios. The ability to perform multiple tasks and a user-centric perspective are key to success. Experience with content management and commerce systems for the web are essential.

You must have the ability to articulate ideas through prototypes and be an excellent communicator and presenter. Expert knowledge of major design and operating system software is expected, as is a clear understanding of each facet of the design process - research, information architecture, interaction and visual design, rapid prototyping, and brand integration.

Responsibilities involve collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team to define and maintain user personas, lead or support interviewing and observing users in site visits, and circling back to perform lightweight usability testing. As products of your work, you'll deliver wireframes that support further collaboration as well as design specifications and pattern libraries of lasting value. Your designs must support synergy with other products and their evolving design languages.


• Strong interaction & visual design skills
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• The ability to work both independently and in collaborative teams
• The ability to generate design ideas and experience presenting and defending design concepts effectively
• The ability to develop a cohesive overall design strategy and assess possible design solutions against this criteria
• Proficiency in interface design as demonstrated in an online portfolio
• Experience with design and development tools for creating websites and web applications including, CSS and JS, Balsamiq, Axure, and front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap
• A BFA/BA in Industrial Design, HCI, Fine Arts or equivalent 5 years industry experience
• Content Management, E-Commerce or Web Development background is not required but would be a big plus

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