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UX Designer

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AQUENT is partnering with a REALLY AMAZING Client to help them build a UX Team.

This client believes people are the heart and soul of what drives our communities and economy forward through their passion and dedication to their work and customers. This isn’t a phony platitude written by their PR dept., they believe it in their souls. Because of this belief, they are hell-bent on reinventing the way people interact with their products.

This design team is relatively new to this client so they don’t shy away from challenging the status quo of process, policy, and the sacred cows inherent in a lot of institutions.

The role of UI/UX Design Lead will contribute to the design of the world’s most intuitive and loved set of integrated products and services. This initiative is high profile project.

The challenge for you — bring a disciplined approach to creativity through a user centered design process — delivering world-class products to their customers. This is a company waking up to the power of Design — you’ll be one of the lead “ice breakers” showing the way forward through customer empathy, prototyping and experimentation.

The opportunity this role holds for the right candidate:
_ Be a part of one of the largest investments in Design by a company in this industry.

_ Create, inspire a Design Driven culture

_ Execute against Lean UX principles — quick, iterative, & user centered

_ Career defining responsibility and impact upon customer’s lives in an industry normally thought of as “non-customer centric”

We hope you like hats, because here are a few you'll need to wear at this client:
• Customer Advocate: People who experience our designs should feel like we really know them. That’s possible when we keep our customers (and people who aren’t yet our customers) at the core of all our designs.
• Design Thinker: You’ll uncover real business problems, prototype low-fidelity ways of solving that problem, and then design full-scale experiences that serve millions of people every. single. day.
• Interaction Designer: Your designs are fun to use. People say, “Huh, that was easy,” without you having to explain anything to them.
• Entrepreneur: You’ll think about your designs as a business; it needs a purpose—whether to solve a problem, entertain, educate, or delight—and you’ll measure its performance against these goals.
• Data Scientist: You’ll seek out analytics and user testing data to help you make design decisions, support your design decisions, and iterate on your past design decisions – all so we constantly get better at getting better.

1. Work hard to design the most personal experiences people have ever seen
2. Teach the team what you know, and also be humble enough to learn from others
3. Use data to your advantage, and test the heck out of just about everything – whether on low-fidelity prototypes or high-fidelity designs
4. Recognize the people around you when they’ve done something exceptional (because the same will happen to you)
5. Measure how well your designs are performing by being specific and purposeful in your work – your brain never stops asking the question “Why are we doing this again?” and you don’t rest until you’ve answered it
6. Didn’t need constant supervision, reminders, or self-assurances – we’re all motivated, organized, self-starters

You need to:
• Comfortable working in a suite of UI production and prototyping tools: such as Sketch, Photoshop, Framer, Invision, Flinto
• Thorough understanding of prevailing best practices in web and mobile design, including responsive web frameworks and mobile interaction guidelines

Additional Notes:
-Ideally a UX designer
-Will work with Product lead, BA and Tech lead
-Comfortable with ambiguity
-Maturity and experience to know how to execute based on responses from customer and keep things moving
-Not looking for a junior candidate, not an order taker.
-Someone that can execute
-Project: Targeting credit card heavy spenders, attracting customers.

Top skills:
-brainstorming facilitation sessions

-Nice to haves:
-Design thinking, designs strategy certifications
-Have worked for notable consulting firms

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