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UX Architect

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Who you are: Simplifier. Empath. Communicator. Designer.

A mid-level UX professional who has the patience to participate in creating sustainable change -- the ability to commit to doing what you can to move the needle every single day. A UX Architect who sees through complexity and navigates the work at hand into objective simplicity. A synthesizer who knows how to get the information needed, empathizes deeply with the people we want to support, and turns that deep empathy and knowledge into a design that works.

You’ve got 3-5 years of experience and the ability and desire to take on ever bigger, more complex projects. You know how to do research, create the right deliverable for the situation, and communicate clearly about your work with people who don’t, as a general rule, understand what you do or how it helps them. You want to learn how to do bigger things in UX, like design research and workshops, and create comprehensive journey maps.

Your portfolio addresses the user research you’ve done, contains deliverables that demonstrate your ability to synthesize complex input, and end products that show how you work with other disciplines.

Why we need you: We need the best people to create the best experiences.

The UX Team is looking for people who are invested in creating useful, usable experiences for our audiences, both in the digital and real-world context. People who know what both collaboration and cooperation bring to their work, people who don’t give lip service to the word team. People who think on their feet, who can come up with multiple ways to solve design problems without investing any ego into Their One Idea. People who aren’t daunted by the saying, “When you are tired of saying it, people are starting to hear it” because you know that’s what moves the needle of change.

What you’ll be doing: Listening. Designing. Learning.

At first, most of your days will be spent in the building -- and, let’s face it, we all know that sometimes UX people are the ones who do things like sketch a quick wireframe for a deck, build out a basic prototype for a meeting, and even chase down digital assets to make a small update just to help the team out in a sprint. (And build trust and credibility with teams.)

But the big picture of your days and work, which is much more interesting, looks like this:

• You’ll be responsible for conducting a majority of the UX research we need to do. There is a lot to learn, some data to draw on, an analytics team to support you, and a motivated group of people who genuinely want to make things people need and want.

• The UX team’s scope is the enterprise and as such, we will have to be able to take on each other’s work. We’ll be able to do that because we’ll know that much about each other’s work and point of view on it. A fully staffed, scaled-up team will even switch assignments for quarters at a time.

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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