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UX Architect

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As a user experience architect, you should have experience in solving user-centered design problems along with managing business expectations, back-end technology, project timelines and delivery dates. Involvement in usability testing, either as a moderator or observer, is a plus. 

As an Internet Marketing team member you will be working on a variety of innovative projects, with opportunities to either work with a team of user experience architects or fly solo on multiple projects. Along with producing project deliverables, you will be involved in guiding Internet strategy in such leading areas as responsive design, social media, search engine marketing, email marketing, ecommerce, globalization and personalization. 

Job Description: 

♣ Create the information architecture and guide the user interface design for projects 
♣ Create user experience architecture deliverables including user personae, site maps, storyboards, page schematics/wireframes, content inventories, working prototypes, navigation labels and web-friendly error and help messaging 
♣ Focus on both online and offline browser-based applications 
♣ Design the user interface experience for international as well as domestic (North American) websites 
♣ Work closely with a team of User Interface Designers (Visual Designers), Business Analysts, Code Developers, Project Managers and Business Representatives to develop the strategy and user interface experience for a wide variety of projects 
♣ Moderate and observe usability tests, as well as perform analysis and present the findings and recommendations to various teams 
♣ Collaborate with the User Interface Designer to deliver the visual design for projects. You are not required to create the visual design. You are responsible, as a producer, to manage the delivery of the visual design and provide any assistance necessary to the User Interface Designer 
♣ Create deliverables that are well designed, annotated, detailed and highly polished, leaving no question as to the underlying user experience requirements. 
♣ Drive strategic user experience initiatives in areas such as social media, responsive/adaptive design, search, email, ecommerce, globalization and personalization 

Job Requirements: 

♣ Minimum 5 to 7 years experience in information architecture for the World Wide Web 
♣ A well-rounded portfolio of page schematics/wireframes, site maps, content inventories, prototypes and various navigation systems 
♣ Ability to communicate business strategy and branding issues, and to balance these with user goals, technology limits and budgetary boundaries 
♣ Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, as well as communicate persuasively and resolve issues effectively 
♣ General knowledge of technical issues involved with web development and page design 


♣ Training in writing for the web 
♣ Background in human factors, computer/human interaction or usability engineering 
♣ Familiarity with engineering or the semi-conductor industry

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