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UX / Interaction Web Designer - on-site opportunity

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We are looking for someone who has UX Marketing experience working on a corporate website. Needs a "web interaction designer, who understands UX and has web development skills"

This person will responsible when loading that page what happens next? Does it stay static? How is it responsive? Will it be used for Desktop to Mobile?

They need someone who fully understands that type of thinking - mobile to desktop and how to improve the site, to make it "delightful"
How would they design the site to where you are able to see all of the offerings? How does the site breath and move.

Wants someone with strong visual skills - a "digital wizard" focuses on marketing.

Talent will work closely with the developers on the team
Wants someone with an agile mindset
Someone to be able to discuss wire frames and strategies

Tools needed:

Talent will be working on modules
Working on these modules - how they would want someone to navigate a page.
Stackable modules - so they will need to be digital "fully responsive"
Want someone who has visual Skills , both in color and typography
Determining what level of interactions, animations and how they work for web.

Wants someone who studied design
Looking for someone with strong motion/interaction experience, that understands composition, contrast, can give the site finesse make it "gorgeous" improving modules across the site.
Someone that can sit down with the developers, understands javascript.
Someone who understands Visual, animations, UX, interaction and can design and enhance the system.

Ideal location will be in Palo Alto. Must be able to commute to Palo Alto office with no issues. Role is Long term contract on-site.

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