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UI/UX Designer

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Required Skills

·         Advanced knowledge and understanding of UI/UX design principles, theories, concepts and techniques in website design, web hosting and production.   

·         Demonstrated experience to manipulate, enable and showcase advanced web content using the following languages:

·         PHP (ASP, Java)

·         HTML5

·         CSS

·         WordPress (CMS themes and customization. Drupal – a plus)

·         JavaScript (JQuery plugins, Ajax, etc.)

·         Knowledge of back-end database applications to organize content, create workflow tools, interactive forums / bulletin boards, etc. (MySQL, SQL server skills a plus.)

·         Proven ability to plan, develop and design websites using advanced design tools and concepts, including reviewing and recommending new approaches to customers to improve web publishing requirements.

·         “Sketch” digital design tool proficiency a plus.

·         Provide consultation to customers regarding web publishing tools, functions, and services that will facilitate content, image, and project objectives.

·         Works independently to manage projects, work closely with web services team, and interact with customer base.

·         Knowledge of web browser compatibility (i.e., cross-browser compliance)

·         Ensures that websites are in compliance with 508 ADA requirements and relevant Lab policies using scan software (ACC Verify)

·         Advanced user status and fluency with graphics suite software, including Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, and Macromedia Flash (a plus)

Desired Skills

·         Writes complex scripting to enable web content presentation using technologies such as databases (SQL/MySQL, etc.), dynamic content  (PHP, ASP, etc.), interactive content (Ajax, etc.), and JavaScript.

·         Extensive understanding and wide application of advanced principles, theories, concepts and techniques in website layout and design production, including web graphics design.

·         Experience designing websites with attention to mobile devices, UX and UI principles.

·         Basic knowledge of web server administration (SSH / command line interface ability a plus)

·         Proven ability to plan, develop and execute graphic design and layout assignments, including reviewing and recommending changes to customer requirements and ensuring quality of products to better serve Laboratory needs.

·         Extensive experience in shepherding website production work through entire process.


·         Respond to customer needs by creating solutions (i.e., scope, cost, schedule, etc.); address issues and troubleshoot problems to ensure effective web concepts.

·         Create both original and standardized web designs; develop and execute website assignments; create non-standard approaches to address individual customer needs.

·         Plan and coordinate website layout assignments with moderate visibility; review and recommend changes to customer requirements to better serve Laboratory needs.

·         Customize templates and techniques to produce informational and descriptive websites; recommend changes to improve web-interface capabilities.

·         Collaborate with customers to finalize web components (i.e., design, layout, images, content, function, etc.), workflow tools, and other interface characteristics.

·         Shepherd websites through final stages of production; coordinate the finishing of projects; partner with external contractors where required to ensure timely delivery and quality of products.

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