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Traffic / Operations Manager

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Manage and facilitate all requests between various departments.

Traffic: Incoming Design & Copywriter requests.
1. Ensure requester fills out project request form and provides all necessary assets.
2. Route project to specific team: Design and Copywriting teams to check in regarding timing, availability and bandwidth. If teams do not have availability, update project schedule in SharePoint. If team does not have bandwidth, or the project is not necessarily something they can spend time allocated to, Traffic Manager declines project from requestor and offers alternatives (outsourcing or agency). It is the responsibility of requestor to determine budget if outsourcing is required.
3. Meet weekly with Design team: (1) hour to review and update schedule
4. Meet weekly with Copywriting team: (1) hour to review and update schedule
5. Traffic and maintain flow of all questions, assets and projects between team and requestor. Schedule kick-off meetings, if necessary, and drive to maintain dates. Requestors often request due dates that are unobtainable. Work with both teams to achieve realistic deadlines.
6. Route Dealer Source uploads (Requestor to fill out Dealer Source request)
7. Route draft and follow up on communication.
8. Keep documentation of requests.

Retail Manager / Support and Traffic
1. Work with team to facilitate requests.
2. Oversee weekly team meeting. Direct report hosts meeting: Traffic / Operations Manager oversees to ensure proper scheduling, agendas and follow-ups are being routed.
3. Provide support for POP (point-of-purchase), collateral and display shipping / logistics if need be. Direct Reports who help facilitate shipping, etc. to keep informed on logistics orders, etc.
4. Work with Senior Manager to facilitate and support any requests for team: Logistics support, POP / shipping support, facilitating requests and ensuring retail room is maintained (Direct Report is delegated to manage).

Fulfillment House
Manage monthly reporting & maintain disposal / recycling program.
1. Ensure recycling program progresses (meet with Retail Managers individually for 15-30 min. if need be to review current inventory lists and identify old / discontinued items to dispose of).
2. Keep updated log of approved inventory for disposal and who approved removal. Route disposal approvals to fulfillment house.

Marketing / Corporate Communication Requests
1. Facilitate and traffic requests that go to Design / Copy teams.
2. Facilitate and traffic requests that require outsourcing or logistics.

Strategic Shop-in-Shop Project Oversight
1. Create monthly overview deck of reports to present to team.
2. Follow up on misc. requests that are funneled through weekly.
3. Follow up on product assortment. Work with account to update product assortment through spreadsheets and planogram coordination.
4. Host monthly meetings: Via web and teleconference.
5. Take notes and follow up with various teams on tasks delegated.

Project Management Requests for leadership or Strategy office
1. Facilitate requests as needed.
2. Create presentations when requested; work with analysis, etc. to obtain data.
3. Follow up on special projects tasked.

Manage three Direct Reports
1. Associate Marketing Specialist
2. Associate Marketing Specialist
3. Marketing Operations Specialist
**Provide support for direct reports. Meet 1:1 when needed. Follow up on tasks delegated**

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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