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Tradeshow/Event Specialist

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They will sit in Partner Services Team. Support Supplier Branding and Marketing. B2B setting. Managed trade shows and Marketing Events. Ideally an undergrad in Event Management or Marketing Comm. Every year we try to create more brand awareness in the Supplier Seller Base. We attend trade shows that we attend (4-5 per year) and this person will organize, drive and really working with teams that will help design booths, presentations that go on the screens, swag, cards. Someone who is excited, motivated and creative to craft the next Brand focus for our client in the industry.


Passion + Drive

Element of communication; Putting out monthly newsletter or streamline communications. Going to the seller. Monitoring and be sensitive with the info and tone that is communicated.


  • They will need to organize payment, booth setup, travel to tradeshows and provide infrastructure. The category managers will volunteer and man the booths. So this person will not attend the tradeshow they will just organize it all. Organize dinners, etc.

  • Very much focused on the tradeshow, events and communications.

  • First trade show is set to be in January- we need to start organizing two months in advance

  • 5-6 tradeshows per year

  • Newsletters sent to supplier once a month

  • They will be individual contributor on the team

  • Needs prior hands on exp. Managing, coord. Invoicing and movement of booth activities

  • Managing leads we get at each booth

  • Post tradeshow survey and asking assoc. What worked and what didn’t work

  • Looking for 3-5 years of experience TOTAL relevant

  • This is an Asst. or Associate level

  • Any industry background- as long as they have tradeshow experience

  • They will need to ramp up and own the space; there is not Sr. Manager for tradeshows

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