Texture Artist AAA Gaming

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We are currently looking for a CG Texture Artist. The chosen applicant will create character and environment textures for an upcoming AAA online world . He/She will work in collaboration with the Art Director, Modelers and Designers to create high quality textures for CG assets (props, clothing, etc.).

· Work with Art Director to determine style, look and quality level of textures for CG assets
· Paint textures for environment and character CG assets
· Work w/ proprietary in-house art tools to provide content to game engine
· Work closely with both internal and external Art Teams to help maintain continuity and quality in the game
· Experiment and innovate with emerging techniques and art software to improve quality and efficiency

· BA/BS desired
· 2+ years of industry experience
· Experience in UV layout, texture projections, and 2D texture painting
· Skill painting textures and creating shaders(color, normal, specular, ambient occlusion, height, uv, and incandescent maps using 2D/3D application(s)
· Advanced understanding of Photoshop
· Experience with Maya (or equivalent 3D program)
· Strong portfolio demonstrating the ability to paint in a variety of styles
· Able to meet deliverables and drive your work to completion within specified timelines