Technical Writer

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Aquent is hiring a Technical Documentation Writer in Carlsbad, CA for a 6- month contract to create a comprehensive set of technical documentation for internally-developed enterprise applications. As the Technical Writer, this position will work with our engineering teams to understand the details of how the applications are designed and how they function, and will write documentation to capture this understanding.
• Document the architecture of internally-developed software applications at a high and medium level.
• Create visual diagrams to illustrate architectural structure, integration points, data flow, and layering.
• Interview the engineering team responsible for each application, and garner a detailed understanding of how that application works.
• Per each application, ask the appropriate questions to identify its key features, its external dependencies, its integration points, its data flow, and its user base.
• Build a mental picture of all the applications in our site and how they work with each other. Identify gaps in the picture, decide what questions to ask in order to fill those gaps, and pose those questions to the engineering teams.

Minimum Qualifications:
• 8+ years experience working as a Technical Writer for a technology company. Prior experience as a software engineer, technical project manager, or technical consultant is helpful.
• Require experience with the JZEE, XML, website architecture, and database.
• Prefer experience in documenting enterprise systems.
• Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, MIS, or related field.