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Technical Project Manager

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AQUENT is seeking for a Technical Project Manager for the Emerging Development team to support an Advertising & Media/Entertainment client in Orlando, FL. Join a team of 150 and oversea/manage a team of 3-6 developers. This is a 3-6 month contract with the possibility of extension. Flexible schedule (3 days remote/2 days onsite). Experience with full life cycle (waterfall methodology IT Project Management. Theme Parks and Media/Entertainment background a plus.

Project side: Here is a project that needs to be advanced and developmental side. Explore 3 different ways to approach, research and gather the relevant facts and information. Pull together a point of view of which is best and why – evaluative and technical approach. Manage Internal & external suppliers. Stakeholders internally & externally to get to an outcome. Progress on a plan basis – help move the ball.

Start up once the project is identified. Product development on the front end, project management on front end. Dealing with a talent Technical Project Management – development new products. Product Development Manager.

Create a plan, pull together the plan, consultative mindset, enter PO through the system.

Key areas, the projects are wireless capability – leverage the wifi network, digital signage development, and opportunity in the area of mobile web, applications. They have active dev underway, needs to prepare. They work “on the next”.. what does it take to be certain and then begin to actualize. Ex: has a team building mobile application. Choice to be made an priorities and someone needs to do the spec work. Then get that to solutions delivery team to execute. The long lead, proof of concept. Formalize into a project. Compare approaches, vet them and weigh options, do some testing and deeper exercises. Let’s get that going forward. Formality around how they initiate the projects, go through the process of getting projects on the roadmap.

Pace of innovation is moving so rapidly, they have a lot of choices, location based messaging. Ex: 10 ways to do that.
Develop a business case.
Ex: building a wifi network. Continuous series of capabilities. Organized around the order of choices around how to advance this going foward.

The total IT dept in Orlando is about 150 people

Work out a trial with different vendors. They get a lot of solicitations with vendors but needs to engage the opportunity. Evaluate opportunities, get some learning and craft a plan and see what it looks like and formalize a project. Manage the vendors and do the tests for technology.
Where are we going to get the best benefit.
Developing the testing concept and how to engage the vendor and work out the feasible plan and if get a good result, figure out what was learned. Have a concept. Bridging the gap from a good sales pitch to what they can actually do with it. Organize into an action items.

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