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Strategy Director

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Vitamin T is working with a great agency looking for a variety of strategists with tobacco ​experience to join their team. We are open to candidates from senior level all the way up to director. This is open to candidates who will ​relocate to Chicago! This particular client does offer assistance in that area. 

• Understands the full scope of the client’s business and objectives and works with the team to develop creative solutions 
• Develops accurate and insightful conclusions from research data and clearly articulates strategic direction to the team and client; Can design and recommend ways to use digital consumer behavior and performance data as a research tool 
• Crafts insight-driven creative briefs and presents creative strategy in a way that crystallizes the opportunity and inspires the team 
• Draws the line of connection between creative solutions and business goals, especially between digital, mobile and social creative and respective channel KPIs 

• Is the thought leader in consumer-centric thinking; Uses all available data sources (qualitative, quantitative, primary and secondary) to develop understanding, empathy and insight into the consumer and brand 
• Effectively uses consumer and brand knowledge to write strategies and POVs; recommend product/service and marketing innovations, including new digital, social and mobile channels of communication to create more relevant connections between consumers and the brand 
• Recommends and implements research that will aid in the consumer insight gathering and strategic process 
• Deep knowledge of digital, social and mobile platforms; can educate the internal team on the media and marketing opportunities they afford and influence client investment in these channels; including working knowledge of back-end platforms (CMS, etc) 

• Leads translation of strategy into the digital creative product, ensuring that the creative product communicates clearly and resonates with the audience while building the brand 
• Highly experienced working with digital media partners (internally and externally) to optimize the strategy and creative product 
• Helps lead application of digital creative executions across the business where applicable; understands when a “digital first” approach to integrated marketing communications makes sense 
• Interacts effectively as a strategic partner and advisor with senior agency and client management 
• Goes beyond making ideas make sense, to making them compelling; Inspires original creative thinking among every team member 

• Ability to adapt to ever-changing business realities; motivated and determined to grow into his or her next role 
• Serves as a digital champion, helping educate the internal team and clients on new digital advertising/marketing opportunities and keeping tabs on breakthrough work in the space 
• Has the capacity to transform and align an organization around a new goal 
• Continues to source, develop and implement strategic planning tools that enhance the level of thinking and insight injected into the process. 
• Able to translate “how we’re doing” data into “how we can make it better” ideas 

• Balances Creativity and Accountability; As passionate about better results as great ideas 
• Helps develop the right rubric; Leads team to establish appropriate measures of success and criteria for judging performance, especially for digital channels 
• Deep understanding of digital performance metrics, both organic and paid, through collaboration with media partners 

• Conducts performance appraisals, creates development plans, provides mentoring and training, and delivers ongoing performance feedback to direct reports 
• Sets and enforces quality standards for the strategic planning department and drives 
• Embodies the “digital first” mindset of the agency and helps instill it in others 
• Actively supports new business activity when required 

• Experience examining the consumer’s path-to-purchase, especially at digital, social and mobile touchpoints; uses this framework to present and recommend digital strategies and tactics 
• Deep understanding of the relationship between digital drivers/marketing and the .com or other digital/social hubs 
• e-commerce experience 
• Experience providing oversight for a small social media “newsroom” that posts real-time social content and engages in community management 
• Practiced point of integration between media strategy, channel strategy and creative strategy; Leverages a shared understanding of the consumer experience as a key driver of Integration 
• BHAG: Doesn’t shy away from big, hairy, audacious goals: Challenges the team and client to go beyond their comfort zone and lead rather than follow 
• Understands the full customer lifecycle, especially for subscription-based brands; can apply learning from the existing customer experience to acquisition strategies and vice versa 
• Can articulate digital media targeting strategies based on consumer behavior-based segmentation

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