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Sr Technical Product Marketing Manager

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The scoop on this job

Your mission is to be the primary product expert and evangelist on the marketing team. It’ll involve a combination of analysis, writing, and speaking. Specifically, you’ll be responsible for:

Analyst relations. You’ll build strong relationships with analysts at the large, well-known firms as well as smaller, boutique firms.
Product launches. When we ship, you’ll write the press release and launch blog, work with our PR team to do outreach, and present the new release to our customers.
Competitive analysis. The video platform market is heating up. You’ll evaluate our competitors, provide insights to Engineering, deliver competitive selling collateral to Marketing and Sales, and sometimes blog about your findings.
Speaking at webinars and conferences. You’ll do webinars on a range of topics, including the challenges of working with enterprise video, inside-video search, video accessibility, and more. You’ll also speak at industry trade shows.
Sales enablement. You’ll build decks, docs, and demos that help our sales team win deals. You’ll also work with Engineering to ensure that our reps are always up to speed on the latest product developments.
Web and long-form content. You’ll work with our content team to write web copy and technical white papers, and to create videos.
Segmentation and positioning. You’ll build prospective buyer profiles based on a range of variables to ensure that we’re messaging in the most effective way possible.

3 reasons you want this job

Cool tech. If you enjoy geeking out on technology that every business and university will be using in the next five years, you’ll love it here.
A great team.
Real impact. We’re still small enough for every employee to have a clear, tangible impact on our bottom line. For example, every presentation you give will introduce people to our product who’d never heard of us, attract new prospective buyers, and ultimately result in more successful customers.

4 things we need from you

Technical chops. You’ll need to be comfortable chatting with video engineers about things like HLS, codecs and containers, and then translating that into language that doesn’t terrify or confound non-technical, prospective buyers. If you have a degree in computer science or engineering, have experience doing technical marketing for enterprise software, or have a background in video, that’s a good start.

Excellent written and verbal communication. Your job involves a lot of writing and speaking. As part of the interview process, I’ll ask you for short- and long-form writing samples, and I’ll want to see you deliver a great presentation.

The ability to GSD. I’m really looking for an execution machine—someone who can get a lot of stuff done on their own, who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves to churn out high-quality marketing work.
A genuine interest in what we do. If you read that we recently raised some cash and want to apply for the job to get in at the ground level of a young startup, well frankly, we’re past that stage. We’re still a flexible, fast-moving, quickly growing company, but we offer the stability, competitive pay, and benefits of more established enterprises.

There’s one other thing I need from you—a fantastic attitude. I’m looking for someone who shares my passion for our technology; who is always optimistic in the face of tough business challenges; who’s comfortable with what they do and don’t know; and who knows how to detach from the day-to-day madness of the job and have fun with the team.

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