Sr. Marketing Relationship Manager/Corporate Marketing

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3-5 yrs. exp.
Marketing-More of a strategic position
Reports to: Director of Relationship Management
Length: 3 mos. potential for contract-to-hire

Sr.-level Marketing Relationship Manager/Corporate Marketing
Reports to: Director of Relationship Management
This is the more junior position. It’s the same position except that it takes on lower risk projects and works under the direction of one of my more senior Account Executives.
Length: 3 mos. then could go TB

Responsible for the relationship between creative services and business lines. The Strategic RM –I will generally look after business line needs through direct contact, liaison, and the marshalling of creative services resources. They will be the key, day to day marketing representative to the business line and will maintain a highly responsive service orientation in all transactions. They must be knowledgeable in both the business lines business, and creative service business.

The Strategic RM – I reviews all creative concepts to confirm whether they meet strategic goals before delivery to business line for approval. Reports to Direct of Relationship Management.
Maintains direct, day to day, senior level business line contact
• Meets regularly with production manager and all other channels to coordinate agency efforts on behalf of assigned projects/business lines
• Effectively presents, sells and defends all agency work/proposals to business lines, supports other business line team members in these functions
• Keeps apprised of business line products, services and marketing developments
• Assist in preparing client invoices, proposals, marketing/media/PR planning
• Checks and approves creative/production materials, copy, layouts and production art, and coordinates client approval of same
• Coordinates project timing and budgets with all relevant agency personnel