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Sr. Information Architect/UX Designer

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Incredible opportunity! You are an UX Architect able to lead the analysis, design and documentation of the user experience for new products and evolving platform for our eLearning Products and Services. You will have a passion for employing a user-centered methodology as well as a love for designing and documenting the details that makes for a successful experience for teachers and students. Emphasis will be on employing the full design lifecycle including lean UX techniques to define the product, rapid prototyping in collaboration with content writers and stakeholders and definition of requirements and specifications.

 Arrive at engaging and highly usable user experience solutions from a conceptual description of the educational activity and deep understanding of the users goals and tasks.
 Define site functionality, navigation and interaction paradigms, with focus on ease of use and deepening customer engagement.
 Create user personas, user experience workflow design, site maps, screen layouts, wireframing and rapid prototypes
 Synthesize user research data into actionable set of recommendation that can be easily understood by stakeholders
 Quickly incorporate feedback into prototypes in both a visual and non-visual manner
 Develop detailed UX specifications including annotations describing logic, error conditions and other rules relevant to the user experience
 Leverage a set of predefined design standards (dropdowns, buttons, navigation menus) and work with the interaction designer to develop new standards as needed
 Work in a fast paced environment where deadlines are fixed in advance
 Manage multiple projects at the same time
 Work collaboratively with team members from curriculum, editorial, learning analytics, user research, design and development.

If Senior Level:
 Facilitate brainstorming/inception sessions with stakeholders to arrive at clear problem-definition and potential solutions.
 Identify areas where user experience can differentiate the product; ensure the goals of functional design are maintained throughout development of product.

Skills/Experience Highly Desired:
 Passion for and a comfort with collaborating with subject experts and content writers on educational materials for elementary, middle and high school students.
 Experience in working with game design or gamification techniques is highly desired.
 Background in designing for online educational learning systems (both content and platform design) desired.
 collaboration and communication skills
 problem solving and organizational skills
 presentation and consensus building skills

Track Record of Creating:
 cohesive organization systems
 elegant navigation systems
 effective labeling systems & indexing systems

Experience with:
 dynamic content management data-base driven mobile first pages
 designing for educational software (for admins, teachers and students)
 search engines, personalization engines, learning analytics and community tools

Software Required:
 Axure, Just in Mind, Balsamic or other interactive prototyping software
 Lucid Charts, Visio or other flow chart software
 Jira or other Agile ticketing system
 Google Docs, Microsoft Office Suite or other document, presentation, spreadsheet software

Work Experience:
 5+ years experience in one or more of the following areas: information architecture, human-computer interaction, user interface design, engagement strategy, and business analysis.
 A review of portfolio work is required, with an emphasis on problem-solution strategies.

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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