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Sr Information Architect - DC

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Senior Information Architect - Level 2

Senior Information Architects are responsible for the navigation, organization, interaction design, and business/user process engineering for leading-edge Web solutions, software, mobile and other interactive devices. It involves application of user-centred design methods to translate user needs, business objectives, and technology capabilities into world-class user experiences for leading companies. Additionally, these roles require leading tracks of work, be the client point of contact and guide developers and other designers/Information Architects in projects.

Key Responsibility Areas/Major Activities

User Experience audits and heuristic evaluations

Assess an existing site/property for usefulness, usability, visual design, content, and branding independently.

Develop evaluation criteria based on industry standards and best practices, modifying these to fit the specific objectives and needs of the project.

Rate and rank sites based on findings.

User Research/Testing
Lead participatory design/user testing sessions independently. Lead Information Architects in the sessions.

Identify and document meaningful patterns from the findings.

Provide recommendations to the client/internal team based on findings.

Lead development of personas/segmentations based on research findings;
integrate personas/segmentations with related deliverables such as opportunity maps and wireframes.

Concept generation and modelling/ Site Structure/Tasks Flows
Identify and document meaningful patterns from the user research and UX audit findings.

Provide recommendations to the client/internal team based on findings.

Prepare, conduct, and analyze behavioral in-context research events.

Analyze, synthesize, and organize research data into meaningful themes, categories, and visually compelling frameworks and behavior models.

Identify opportunities to create business value and improve the user experience, based on user research; organize opportunities into visually compelling matrices or maps.

Execute participatory requirements gathering sessions and participate in debrief sessions; create feature lists from sessions.

Conduct, prepare notes, and analyze stakeholder interviews to understand key success factors for a project or pursuit.

Present concepts to clients and internal stakeholders with research and best practice annotations.

Persuasion Architecture
Create Strategies for Persuasion Design

Provide consultancy to other IAs in layout, placement and content of design elements towards design strategy

Evaluate existing sites in terms of their persuasiveness, emotional design and conversion.

Provide guidance to Visual Designers for creating optimal emotional engagement and “connectedness”.

Site structure definition/ Task flow/Process flow generation

Conduct card sorting exercises.

Develop Navigation Model, Primary and Secondary Navigation structure.

Develop Sitemap with all levels as required.

Analyze task flows, task decompositions and create optimal Task Flow.

Wireframe design
Develop frameworks that describe key aspects of a proposed experience, and how it reconciles business and user needs.

Develop visual representations of the interactions between the user and the functional modules in the solution.

Develop screen details (i.e., wireframes) depicting all elements on a unique screen type, including the content, functional, and navigation specifications.

Create prototypes using tools such as InDesign, Visio, Axure as required

Present concepts to clients and internal stakeholders with annotations

Track Leading

Collaborate with Project Manager and Project Director to assemble a quality IA team for small to medium projects.

Lead and motivate the IA team to realize overall goals and deliver a successful project on time.

Assist the Project Manager in the creation and overall management of the IA schedule and resource plans.

Provide direction to other Information Architects.

Team Mentoring
Lead in creating reusable assets for the team

Mentor junior Information Architects towards client delivery and excellence

Conduct periodic Knowledge Sharing sessions

Help in setting up evaluation criteria for Information Architects

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