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Sr. Digital Asset Coordinator

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Senior Digital Asset Coordinator is responsible for the organization and maintenance of internal marketing communications agency’s server, including digital assets and print archive. Position requires strong organizational, graphic design, and communication skills.

Display accountability of department server by overseeing the organization and proper archiving of all projects
Use hands-on approach to improving server maintenance, adapting new technologies, enhancing communication and asset coordination with other creative groups
Exhibit resourcefulness and can-do attitude to fulfill and deliver on all asset requests, be proactive to stay up to date on the status of all current projects


Digital Asset Coordination
Initiate gathering of assets from multiple sources upon job initiation prior to project kick off meeting, collaborate with Production after kick off to gather additional assets needed, compile all assets under appropriate job number
Monitor designer’s files and enforce proper folder organization and file naming to ensure consistencies and easier recall of assets in the future
Ensure completed jobs are systematically archived by obtaining all final materials (samples, printer files, jpg for PPT presentations, etc) and any necessary working files and collect properly in centralized files
Archive projects by year, job number and project category, requires manual naming of files and creation of folders, maintenance of file structure with files organized to be easily retrieved by new users, in absence of coordinator and keyword search digital asset management system
Monitor server’s digital file space by archiving and deleting old files, requires routine review of available space and initiating review with all users to determine which files can be deleted to free space in server, requests and justifies additional space from IT
Participate as key contributor in launch of company-wide digital asset management system
Align with other creative groups

Asset Request Fulfillment
Responsible for fulfilling and responding to a high volume of asset requests submitted to department on a daily basis, this requires:
Information gathering from requestors on what assets are being used for, timing, and preferred file format and method of delivery
Thorough understanding of all file/asset delivery methods (shared drop folders, ftp, disks, etc) and which method is most appropriate based on request/requestor
Professional and clear communication with clients when responding to asset requests
Strong sense of urgency and ability to prioritize time sensitive requests
Strong attention to detail to ensure requests are fulfilled accurately
Maintain asset request status on daily assignment list and submit to Traffic

Executive Presentations
Organize and archive all current PowerPoint templates and executive presentations
Initiate gathering of assets from numerous sources
Presentations need to be organized by Presenter, year, event and C&P number
Back up presentation files on additional server locations

On Demand (Intranet):
Maintain the organization of folders and files on intranet
Upload current guides, logos, images, etc., requires manual file naming, reformatting of files to PDFs
Issue email to global distribution announcing available assets and their location for access
Conduct training for new employees on how to navigate intranet

Guide Archiving and Distribution
Distribute guides to personnel and licensees worldwide, requires creating shipping labels and overseeing Mail Services to meet the timeline of distribution and maintaining a record of tracking numbers per distribution to ensure delivery is met
Organize and maintain ownership of Print Archive/Storage Room
Maintain and update guide distribution list

Apply meta data entry for each individual guide asset for upload to Media Bin Digital Asset Server, requires manual entry of file names and descriptive metadata for guides for Intl access and download

Print Archive/Storage Room
Archive print samples by job number, place in appropriate archival sleeves and boxes and maintain storage system
Oversee sign out and return of any items archived items from the storage room

Color Printer Maintenance
Schedule routine maintenance with IT
Ensure equipment is properly stocked (i.e. toner, etc)
Department contact to report and troubleshoot issues with IT


This position requires:

A high level of organization and attention to detail
Proficient understanding of design applications, file formats, file size and print production process
Working knowledge of video and web applications and files
Strong interest and ability to learn and identify use of new and emerging technologies for department
Solid written and verbal communication skills
Excellent customer service skills
Ability to meet scheduled deadline(s) with a fluctuating workload
Ability to work independently with little direction in an established yet developing workflow


A 4-year degree or related work experience in a digital asset archivist field
Mid-level mastering of Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design is preferable
Understanding of digital file format application in specific media
Knowledge of PC as well as MAC platforms

Requires a high level of organization and strong attention to detail
Needs to understand the importance of consistency and efficiency in a fast-paced environment
Ability to juggle and prioritize multiple tasks and projects
Ability to work under pressure, maintain composure and a service -oriented attitude while coping with the unexpected and operating effectively with high volumes of work and tight deadlines
Good judgment, sense of self-awareness and emotional intelligence

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