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Sr. Designer

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You are a leader in the Creative Team. You lead the design process and guide other designers. You have ownership over projects and collaborate with other key team members (Copywriters, Designers, Creative Directors, Account Managers/Directors and Social Strategists) to bring the best creative solutions. You bring your wealth of design knowledge and life experience to every problem and solutions that are on-brief, innovative, surpass expectation and are on budget.

THE BASICS: Do good work / Speak with respect / Give a sh!t / Be passionate / Bring yourself to work / Be balanced
THE BIG THINGS: Bold design skills / Creative thinking / Trend awareness (but not dependence) / Brand expertise /Collaborative spirit


Able to understand briefs and ask important questions in a timely and respectful manner.

Personal time management and ability to self-start.

Concept with the Creative Team (including but not limited to: Copy Writer, Designers and Creative Directors.)

Sketch rough comp ideas to present to Associate Creative Director (ACD) or Executive Creative Director (ECD) for input/feedback.

Work in gut or intuitive concepting mode for rst round rough comps (stay open, fresh, exible and agile).

Electronic preparation of concepts for presentation to Client File format and speci cs as directed by ACD or Project Manager (PM).

Modify creative as per ACD, ECD, Account Director (AD), PM or Client.

Pass-off nal layouts, assets and concepts to Electronic Production (ePro) for digital mechanical le prep. Brief in project in clear, understandable way. Give feedback to ePro as needed.

Art Direct photoshoots (live action and studio), installations and events as creative requires.

Look at rounds of color proofs (with ePro and/or PM).


Maintain a masterful knowledge of the Client’s Brand positioning and their consumer and/or audience.

Maintain a historical knowledge of how the Client’s Brand has shape-shift- ed and evolved.

Truly try to understand the consumer (what motivates them, what are their passions and desires, how do we connect with them?).

Listen to client feedback carefully and understand intent and motivations of speci c changes. Ask questions. Be empathetic.

Stay abreast of trends while not allowing them to drive creative in a way that is without content, concept or driven by style.

Troll the internet for advertising and photography inspiration, watch movies, read magazines, journals and books, devour art. Generally keep the ow of information at a steady pace to stay inspired and connected.


Work with Studio Manager (SM) on overall timings and deadlines.

Work with PMs generating estimates for time needed on phases of projects.

Communicate early if there are potential issues or barriers to success of a project (to ACD, SM or PMs).

Be able to present work with true excitement and conviction. Must be able to sell the idea through and build client con dence.

Take feedback with a positive attitude and looking at all feedback as a way to make the work be better.

Maintain a respectful and positive attitude with colleagues and clients.

Honest communication with manager (ACD) if there are any cultural, studio, client, colleague or personal issues occurring.

Have a truly entrepreneurial spirit and thrive on change and evolution

Interest in travel for work (both in continental US and Internationally)

Have knowledge of contemporary and history of design and art.

Stay current on industry trends and technology.

Have a passion for life outside of studio work (i.e. art, travel, music, nature, etc.)

Bring that passion to creative solutions.


Take a leadership role.

Foster a respectful, open, and inspiring work environment within the agency through respectful, thoughtful, honest and clear communication.

Offer up support as needed by guiding other designers on process, protocol, and giving input on the creattve concept and presentation.

Listening twice speak once.
Lead by example with con dence and excitement.
Take the lead in meetings when you are the Senior employee.

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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