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Sr. Copywriter - Digital

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The Senior Copywriter’s purpose is to write well-organized, engaging and persuasive copy for various marketing communication elements and campaigns that support our client's business objectives of raising brand awareness, driving sales, and increasing store traffic. They will be responsible for making sure all copy adheres to and enhances the established brand voice, with minimal direction. 

The Senior Copywriter will solicit and organize information on new projects in order to effectively perform their job of developing copy for advertising assignments, collateral, online promotion communication, social media, in-store signage, sales promotion materials, direct mail and any other type of assignment. 

The Senior Copywriter will ensure all copy is strategically targeted to specific market demographics/psychographics, and powerfully represents products and brands appropriately. 

The Senior Copywriter will oversee the copywriter’s daily workload and work quality (if there is a copywriter level position filled), as well as be responsible for the development of the copywriter’s personal development. 


  • Through previous experience and on-going independent market research, the candidate must demonstrate the ability to... 

-Handle workload allocation: 70% of time will be spent developing new and unique strategic creative concepts and campaigns both independently and with a peer group. 20% of the time will be spent tracking down and disseminating product/service copy. 10% of the time will be spent in support of proofreading and editing their own work and the work of other writers. 

  • Be assigned specific lines of business as co-creative lead with art director/senior art director (reporting Creative Design Manager and VP of Brand and Creative), and will develop effective strategic creative, measured against the strategic and business goals of their assigned lines of business. As part of this function the Senior Copywriter should be able to contribute to brainstorms and other strategic planning sessions for their assigned pieces of business. 
  • Act as the lead on both copy and copy/art projects as assigned and both create and make strong recommendations to the Creative Design Manager and/or VP of Brand and Creative - based on creativity, strategic objectives, and copy that inspires a sense of urgency and desired behavior in the target. The work must consistently prove to aid sales and drive store traffic (or any other assigned business objectives). 
  • Lead copy driven assignments including radio, in-store radio, training and call center scripts, television and video scripts, and be responsible for overseeing the recording production and editing of the of these projects. 
  • Demonstrate the ability to collaborate effectively with art directors, other writers and proofreader/editor, Creative Design Manager, VP of Brand and Creative Services, and account service/client teams, and share in joint accountability for achieving business results. 
  • Complete complex copy/research assignments and keep up with consumer pet-related trends. Actively going out into the market to develop and then create trend reports as instructed by their supervisor at least two times a year. 

PROJECT SUPERVISION: Supervise the copy and conceptual components of the creative projects for the brand/lines of business assigned. This will include co-ownership with art director/senior art directors, as well as sole ownership of many copy assignments that are copy only (no art) such as TV and Radio scripts or rewrites, in-store radio, and overseeing the production/recording/editing of tv/radio/in-store radio. The Senior Copywriter may be given projects to lead with teams of more junior art directors and writers, serving as the responsible point person for presenting and winning approvals of the Design Director and/or VP of Brand and Creative. 

COPYWRITER SUPERVISION: If the team has a copywriter position filled, the copywriter will report directly to one or more of the Senior Copywriters. The Senior Copywriter will be directly responsible for the personal development of the copywriter. 

Work Background: 

  • A minimum of four years progressively responsible business experience including two to three years experience in a corporate brand environment or in an advertising, promotion, marketing or interactive agency supporting consumer driven brand marketing 
  • Work experience should include creative campaign idea generation, marketing concept idea development, and execution across a spectrum of different marketing touchpoints (advertising, direct mail, interactive/social media, POP, outdoor, etc) for a continuous period of at least six months on one brand with demonstrated results.


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