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Social Media Manager (Maternity Leave Coverage)

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A global skincare and beauty brand is looking to bring on a Social Media Manager to cover for someone out on maternity leave. This would be a 4-5 month coverage.

The Social Media Manager is responsible for the following:
• Create and execute the brand’s social media strategy on current active channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon Spark, Reddit) including: 

  • - Leading content creation (images, videos, gifs, copy) 
  • - Planning, budgeting, executing and optimizing social advertising, 
  • - Influencer management 
  • - Establishing and ensuring consistency of brand image/voice/personality across platforms 
  • - Engaging with followers and non-followers 
  • - Creating and managing content calendar matching marketing strategic priorities 
  • - Establishing and tracking strategic social media KPIs including engagement, community size, earned media value, brand sentiment 
  • - Monitoring and benchmarking core competitors’ social media metrics and activities 

• Closely collaborate with the LRP eCommerce/CRM Manager to ensure consistency of digital strategies and create ecomm/social synergistic campaign. 
• Closely collaborate with the LRP marketing managers to lead the execution of brands “dermclasses” programs aiming at connection dermatologists with influencers and consumers through online/offline events, live chats, trainings etc. 
• Manage social media budget and make strategic recommendation for budget split between content creation, influence management, sampling programs, social media ad campaigns etc. 
• Ideate with Marketing Franchise managers and execute social media specific campaigns that help build brand awareness and support marketing activities like brand campaigns, micro-content strategies, social media engagement etc. which includes campaign monitoring, campaign reporting, event monitoring, prospect & audience building. 
• Create and manage contests, giveaways and promotions across social platforms to encourage engagement. 
• Explore new or upcoming social networks to make recommendations for brand presence and expanded use of current properties. 

• Create and shoot images, curate content and develop complementary content with a freelancer/photo agency (FlashStock) through a formal briefing process to support social content. 

  • 25 images per FlashStock brief per month. 
  • 3 short GIFs per FlashStock brief (on special occasions ex. holiday gifts GIF, BTS GIF) 
  • 40~60 images through in-house shoot once every quarter (especially new products when the products don’t arrive 1 month prior to the launch date) 
  • FlashStock turnaround time: 1 month 

• Develop an engaging and content calendar every month aligned with brand’s priorities 
• Collaborate with extended brand team (PR, Medical, Sales, Marketing) to stay abreast of important news and achievements around the brand, allowing to develop “on the spot” content to share with followers 
• Write captions for all content, ensuring full legality and accuracy of claims and product benefits, leveraging the brand voice and post social media posts through Spredfast. 
• Liaise with Marketing Franchise managers and a videographer to produce video content. 

• Monitor and review inbound messages and comments on all social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit) and engage accordingly on daily basis using Spredfast. 
• Stays informed of the company's Corporate policy and answers to common sensitive topics. 
• Assign sensitive comments, messages and questions to the Customer Care Center to ensure appropriate handling. 
• Become an advocate of the brand in social media spaces, engaging in dialogues and answering consumer questions and complaints in a timely and professional manner. 
• Utilize social listening tools like Netbase to generate insights, monitor LRP mentions and identify opportunities to join in the relevant conversation. 
• Manage various strategies to grow community and engagement such as Giveaways, Q&As etc. 

• Lead and execute social media advertising strategies on Facebook and Instagram to promote key products, marketing campaigns and sales promotion. 

  • Run min. of 3 Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns per month 
  • Run min. of 3 YouTube TrueView campaigns per quarter (or more if there’s more videos to promote) 

• Write captions for all ad content according to the objective of the ad campaign. 
• Use Facebook audience insights and audience tools to create target audience (retargeting and lookalike models) 
• Regularly analyze and report of performance of ad campaigns to optimize on-going and upcoming campaigns and ensure the brand is reaching its pre-defined KPIs and goals. 
• Launch TrueView campaigns by submitting a detailed brief to YouTube partner. 
• Liaise with Facebook and Instagram account managers to stay on top of new tools and make recommendation to the brand for utilizing new social capabilities as they become available. 

• Develop and execute influencer strategies to increase brand awareness, brand love, earned media value, positive sentiment, brand mentions and user generated content. 
• Research and identify key influencers/bloggers using Traackr that are relevant to our key communities (moms/parents, safety seekers, outdoor athletes and acne strugglers) 
• Add influencers we want to track to Traacker (no limit) and monitor influencers that mentioned our brand and build relationships. Currently there are 690 influencers on Traackr (as of Dec. 2017). 
• Build strong relationships with social influencers through seeding program and regular communication. 
• Execute organic gifting campaigns every month. 

  • Launch gifting campaigns with min. 30 influencers per campaign and up to 3 active simultaneous campaign on Octoly. 
  • Send 10-20 mailers per month in-house. 

• Negotiate and execute paid influencer programs. 
• Identify, establish and manage on-going influencer/brand ambassador programs. 
• Collaborate with Marketing Franchise managers to strategize and execute Dermclasses. 
• Liaise with cross functional teams (Amazon, etailer and retailer) and share LRP influencer marketing strategies so that they are aligned with the brand. 

• Measure social media growth and engagement using analytics tools (i.e. Rival IQ, Netbase, Traackr). 
• Put together and share monthly tracker of social media reports with the team. 
• Track ecomm traffic from social media using Google Analytics Premium. 

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