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Service Design Lead

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Key Responsibilities:

• As the creative lead, be responsible for the quality of all deliverables across a variety of projects.
• Be a hands-on design expert, shaping the concept and seeing it through to detailed design and implementation across a variety of devices and platforms.
• Communicate and envision service concepts and ideas using methods & tools that illustrate all the components and touch points of the service. Pulling together all aspects of service design offered by Creative Agency.
• Inspire innovative approaches to design, using creative facilitation techniques and taking the lead at client meetings, internal company meetings, brainstorms and external design events.
• Encourage innovative approaches to design techniques, enabling the design team to embrace different angles to a design problem.
• Create “focused innovation” that balances the client’s business needs whilst meeting their goal of differentiation.
• Create design briefs based on project proposals and client feedback.
• Be opinionated and hungry to discuss the design being done within and outside Creative Agency.
• Have an understanding of how user research should be integrated in to a project and a good understanding of all the other skill sets and expertise within Creative Agency, including Business Design, Business Development and Brand Marketing.
• Embrace and harness new technologies.

Client facing:

• Analyze and respond to client briefs in a timely manner.
• Manage and oversee the delivery of a range of projects, defining project scope, goals and deliverables in collaboration with key stakeholders.
• Establish relationships and liaise with key stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.
• Work with the Project Manager to issue regular status reports and troubleshoot problem areas.
• Identify and alert the Project Managers to potential crises, and work with them to manage changes in scope and devise contingency plans.
• Seek out, identify and respond to new business opportunities.
• Alongside the Project Manager, identify, analyze and resolve risk.

Team facing:

• Communicate and define project roles, responsibilities and expectations to each team member at the start and for the duration of each project.
• Break down business, user, and technology requirements into digestible components for the design team.
• Instill project teams with the confidence and discipline to explore innovative design solutions while respecting client deadlines.
• Manage and maintain team motivation and morale, offering emotional and logistical support.
• Engage with freelancers and staff from other Creative Agency offices enlisted to support the project team, as and when required.
• Manage different teams in parallel.
• Identify and resolve issues and conflicts within the project team.

Design Planning

• Oversee the planning, scheduling and tracking of project timelines and milestones by the Project Manager, ensuring on time and on budget delivery of work.
• Alongside the Project Manager develop and deliver progress reports, requirements documentation and presentations.
• Work with the Project Manager and other SDLs to engage the most appropriate skill sets on each project.
• Contribute to and participate in post project reviews.
• React to project adjustments and alterations promptly and efficiently.

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