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Senior Studio and Production Manager

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The Senior Studio and Production Manager will lead operations for a Richmond, VA based fashion photography studio. Developing and managing in-house studio facilities, creative and production teams, freelancers and external vendors, to efficiently deliver thousands of fashion and product images every season. Overall responsibility for all aspects of shoots and the timely delivery of digital assets - from budget to logistics to post-production, ensuring the teams plan for and deliver the increasing upload targets. You’ll manage the right balance between creative and operational imperatives to meet business needs.

As a commercial thinker, you’ll innovate asset management solutions and automated workflows and drive continuous improvement to scale production to meet high volumes, and drive greater efficiency while maintaining quality. You’ll be adept at creating contingency plans and reacting quickly to changing priorities.

You’ll build strong relationships within the team, key stakeholders across all areas of the business, external vendors, technology and logistics partners. You’ll enjoy the challenge of coming up with solutions – regardless of restrictions and limitations and motivating your team to deliver great results.

You’ll enjoy rolling-up your sleeves and leading by doing. In addition to providing vital day-to-day support, as time permits, you’ll jump in to help on-set if that is what it takes to get the job done!

You'll be investing in your team with training, performance management and continuous professional development. In most cases, you’ll be involved with researching and selecting talented production teams including freelancers… so you’ll need to bring your ‘Rolodex’ of trusted contacts.

As part of the Management team, you’ll be actively contributing to promote a culture of innovation. The role is all about figuring out how to make the impossible, possible.



Manage all aspects of daily operations working in a high-volume, fast-paced photo studio. Provide leadership, overall vision and direction for the creative and production teams at all levels. Be adaptable. There's no typical day.


  • Key contact and managing for inter-departmental relationships including senior-level stakeholders. Partner with departmental directors and work together like a well-oiled machine.
  • Play a pivotal role to recruit and develop the photography team. Restructure and grow the team as needed including freelance strategies and collaborate with external vendors.
  • Trust the team. Hire great people, empower individuals and give them the space to do great work. Inspire, coach and develop direct reports including ongoing performance management and involvement in training.
  • Create a positive team environment, from nurturing talent to the overall vibe in the Studio. Strike the right team balance to produce great work and keep standards high. Final arbiter and overall responsibility for work that goes out of the Studio.


  • Manage all aspects of daily operations. Ensure the studio operates efficiently, to meet and exceed production goals.
  • Short and long-term planning. Identify the scope of projects, set daily production goals, lead weekly Operations update and ensure teams are adequately resourced Identify inefficiencies in workflow software and systems. Evolve process and standardize ways of working to optimize Studio capabilities, productivity and efficiencies. Alleviate logistical constraints for the team, anticipate changing priorities and ensure capacity meets the demand of the business.
  • Build successful and highly productive partnerships with vendors and freelancers to leverage resources and cost advantages.


  • Seek to find the right balance between creative and operational imperatives to meet business needs.
  • Push beyond the boundaries of traditional e-commerce. Move away from only shooting quantity towards more creative photography to make our images really sell the product.
  • Keep updated guidelines for the company's commercial photography and ensure teams deliver upon the standards.
  • Enforce quality control for consistently beautiful images. Ensure products are lit correctly, in accordance with the guidelines and color is accurate. Avoid re-shooting.
  • Research competitors, industry trends, regular reviews of e-commerce websites, to make sure the company stays ahead of the game and provide real inspiration and excitement to customers.
  • Work with Creative Director to ensure the studio is regularly testing new ideas and producing innovative content, especially for the company's digital selling platforms.
  • Seek new opportunities in video production and editorial photography.


  • Manage the onsite physical photo studio and oversee general building maintenance.
  • Overall responsible for the equipment and infrastructure needed to operate the Super Studio.
  • Be a visionary to how the studio space will evolve over time given the business growth and increasing shot count.
  • Partner with Fulfillment and Distribution Center to set-up Product Library and sample management system for receiving, inventory, storing and loss prevention of product.

Finance and Reporting

  • Maximize the commercial success of the studio. Maintain strict operating costs, identify cost savings and contribute to operating profit.
  • Work with stakeholders to determine seasonal and annual shoot budgets. Manage shoot budgets including weekly and monthly financial reporting.
  • Manage photo shoot budgets. Reconcile costs post shoot including timely submission and approval of employee expenses. Weekly and quarterly financial reporting.
  • Negotiating contracts and rates as needed with external vendors.
  • Regularly reporting key productivity and quality metrics and continually seeking improvement.


  • Drive a culture of continuous improvement to deliver best-in-class content and assets to the global organization.
  • Evaluate work beyond delivery. Develop future photographic directions based on valuable insights to ensure content is used effectively.
  • Collaborate and share best practices with peers. Seek to continually push the boundaries of quality, creativity and innovation i.e. discourage complacency and ‘factory’ mentality within the shoot teams.


  • Bachelors Degree in Photography, Design, Art Direction or related field
  • Proven experience in e-commerce fashion or retail photography is required
  • Demonstrated ability in leading and managing a commercial studio team, within a high volume, high quality, fast-paced production line environment
  • Solid experience delivering both operational efficiency and quality
  • Keen eye for judging photography, color, and lighting
  • Exceptional people management skills with the ability to provide clear direction and communicate effectively with internal and external teams
  • Positive, collaborative approach
  • Ability to set priorities, work under tight deadlines and effectively manage stress
  • A passion for product, and a mindset for always exceeding expectations
  • Must be a self-starter, easily adaptable and flexible

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