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Senior Planner

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Position Title: Senior Planner

Department: Planning & Creative


We’re looking for a Senior Planner to join our six strong team in London. The role includes building

relationships with clients, leading strategic and creative development across key accounts and

supporting the Planning Director with team management and broader team initiatives to help grow and

develop the department.


At this agency we believe that everything we see or do can become entertainment. Something to

experience, capture and share. It’s where these things collide that excites us. It’s where they meet up

that marketing is at its most successful. In the olden days, consumers expected to have things presented to them. It was a simple

arrangement. Our job – any agency’s job – was to make a snazzy commercial and some eye-catching

posters. A generalisation, but the end goal was for consumers to see them and buy into the brand.

Now, though, consumers have changed. Well, we all have. People are much more savvy, much more

aware. Not content with passive interaction (and who can blame us?) if we see something, we want to

be able to learn about it, play with it, and view it from more than one place.

At this agency we see these interactions as opportunities. A chance to add meaning, to create or enhance

a relationship. After all, if you want someone to remember you or like you, it’s not enough just to be in

the same room as them. You have to be part of the action, strike up a conversation, offer them

something of value.

For us, that’s something to hang on to and be proud of. Something worth getting right. It’s also

something that everyone in our global network lives and breathes. The last 12 years have taught us

that for brands both great and small (and we’ve worked with a lot), entertainment and passion are the

best way to reach consumers and turn them into fans.

Why us? Because we’ve got insight, experience and creativity. We’ve turned entertainment into a

science – and we have fun doing it. We go beyond ideas and chat – we follow up and act on things.

And most of all, we make things happen.


We’re looking for a proven senior operator and strategic thinker who’s super smart, passionate and

has a strong background in consumer insight and brand planning. It’s likely you’ll have developed into

a bit of an all rounder and a classic ‘t-shape’ as the projects we work on our diverse to say the least

(from digital products through brand definition to activation). Experience of helping brands harness

entertainment in interesting ways – be it music, film or broader culture – is also essential.

At this agency our planners not only lead on strategy, we expect them to get heavily involved in creative

development too so a track record of rolling their sleeves up and actively getting involved in helping

develop and shape creative ideas is a must.


• To lead strategy across key accounts and new business opportunities as required, developing

a thorough understanding our clients’ audience, category/market, competitors

• To create clear and compelling narratives across a variety of documents including strategy

presentations, pitch responses and wider client deliverables

• To commission, conduct and analyse primary and secondary research (qual. and quant.)

• To write distinctive and inspiring creative briefs

• To inspire creative (and wider team) with provocations and propositions that will help them

develop the best ideas

• To develop and run workshops both internally and with clients

• To stay constantly ahead of relevant innovation, trends and developments in the

entertainment industry

• To help manage team wide initiatives and mentor junior members of the team


• 6 years + planning experience in an agency environment

• Must have a strong track record of leading strategy across large corporate businesses and

experience working with brands utilising entertainment and culture

• Excellent skills in creating strategic documents from scratch and able to demonstrate clear

story telling ability

• Strong knowledge of digital, mobile and new technologies

• Excellent, written and verbal communication and presentation skills

• Experience of managing or mentoring junior team members

• A personal passion for either music, film or gaming (or even better, all three)

• Good cultural fit

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