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Senior Javascript Developer

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Sr Javascript Developer w/ Rails

This is a 3-6 month freelance project w/ possibility of perm down the line.

This client is open to talent working half of weekly schedule onsite in NYC and half week remote. (approx. 40 hours per week total)

Start = ASAP

Our client is the rapidly growing digital arm of a well known publishing company -

Their systems are written in Ruby on Rails, so they’re looking for a Javascript developer comfortable working in a Rails environment.

You will collaborate with developers and product owners in two main areas =

1. Integration of display advertising partners into Google DFP. You will work to get Google's GPT tags jumping neatly through hoops, and integrating cleanly and repeatedly with multiple demand partners like Amazon A9, Sonobi, OpenX, YieldBot, and others.

2. Creation of other javascript tools, widgets, and general-purpose items.
In doing both of the above, you will be focusing particularly on helping us set up an appropriate testing framework, so that automated javascript regression testing becomes a standard part of our development workflow.

Your skills and experience =

You have demonstrated at least two years of experience in an environment where you were primarily writing Javascript, primarily in a user-facing system.

Writing JS from scratch, but also getting third-party javascript functions and callbacks to play nicely with each other.

You have experience working with display advertising systems, and you know all about the structure, setup, and quirks of the Google Publisher Tag.

You are able to troubleshoot Javascript code in a variety of environments and browsers.

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