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Senior Copywriter (Direct Mail and Health Insurance Experience)

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Vitamin T has a great client seeking an experienced Senior Copywriter. Individual should know how to make a sale through the clarity and brevity of their copy. They will be passionate about generating response in the most efficient way possible. They will understand that creativity is a means, not an end, and that it is better to communicate clearly and get a response than to create something unusual or clever that is less responsive. They will be well versed in the tactics of direct marketing copy and dedicated to constantly improving this expertise. They will be committed to delivering the highest level of personal dedication, performance and deportment.

Goal Orientation: Identifies specific objectives, which define outstanding performance,
and works toward their achievement.

Organization: Pursues goals in an intelligent, disciplined and effective manner by planning
ahead. Uses time effectively by systemically identifying what needs to be done
and prioritizing tasks by their importance.

Initiative: Proactively and unilaterally takes action to complete important tasks. Meets
responsibilities with the amount of management direction and feedback appropriate
for their role.

Problem Solving: Is able to analyze problems and arrive at sound solutions, which meet the needs of clients, colleagues and company.

Relationship Building: Builds trust, respect and camaraderie with clients and colleagues. Demonstrates collaboration and consideration by working as part of a team.
Communication: Clearly and concisely communicate ideas, directions and feedback. Is able to speak and write in a professional and appropriate manner.

Leadership: Confident, capable, creative and assertive enough to advance the agenda of the clients and company while strengthening relationships.
Enthusiasm: Positive, optimistic and enthusiastic. Demonstrates enjoyment of the job and
respect for clients and colleagues.

Determination: Does not settle for average outcomes. Is driven to constantly improve and
deliver outstanding performance.

Resiliency: Rebounds quickly from setbacks and mistakes while controlling emotions.
Demonstrates the strength of character and self-confidence to overcome obstacles,
problems, and re-direction.

Commitment: Consistently demonstrates commitment to company’s priorities, policies,
procedures and practices.

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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