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Senior Art Director

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Long term contract with Fortune 500 CRM company in San Francisco!

Experience at Salesforce is required!

Our client is looking for an amazing Senior Designer with a solid history of creating impressive web and print experiences and campaigns. You are highly organized and can conceive of engaging ideas that help propel a client’s brand and result in visually stunning creative solutions.

The Senior Designer has a unique understanding for strategy and a talent for creative development. He/She is able to work collaboratively with the Art Director, as well as work independently and within brand guidelines. Some jobs will require you produce your ideas and visions, while others will require hands-on design and production following the look and feel of existing designs. The Senior Designer is able to work collaboratively with the copywriters, web designer and creative director to come up with solid concepts and then own those ideas through to completion with minimal direction.

You must have experience working in a design or advertising agency environment. We are looking for you to have work involving websites, advertising, social networking and mobile, to name a few. A bonus is a solid understanding of, if not hands-on experience, with multi-media interactive platforms and tools like Flash, video, 3D, coding and scripting, CS6, etc.

You are experienced in working with designers, copywriters, producers, videographers, and coders and to achieve high production values in the work.
Projects include:
Branding events, print campaigns, social media campaigns and designing collateral with a consistent and cohesive look and feel including, but not limited to:
Designing event signage such as pull-up banners and booth displays
Design and production of printed posters and flyers
Creating artwork to be printed on schwag such as shirts, and other various promotional items
Designing advertisements for digital signage
Creating web banner advertisements for social media campaigns

Key Areas of Responsibility:
Works in creative team, consisting of art director, copywriter and web marketing leader
Responsible for understanding the brand guidelines and staying consistent with them
Participates in occasional meetings – client and team briefings, project status updates, and brainstorming sessions
Collaborates with team to deliver excellent work for every aspect of a project
Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously for various clients and meet all deadlines
Proactively identifies and pursues opportunities on behalf of the client that go beyond the obvious or accepted solution
Responsible for having a point of view and for expressing it well
Maintains strong, proactive relationship with all members of the creative, as well as members of the client team
Communicates with all team members about all current and future work.
Attends meetings – punctual and prepared
Participates in building a strong, profitable and respected discipline
Works to stay current with and employ appropriate new technologies and opportunities
Participates in building a collaborative, inspiring and fun culture
Staying highly organized with files and ensuring good version control
Keeping digital files clean with neatly organized layers

Proficiency in the Adobe CS6 suite especially Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
Minimum 4 years experience in an advertising agency, design firm or other graphics based professional environment
Must have an established portfolio which displays long-term client relationships and integrated campaigns
Strong conceptual and compositional skills
Experience with corporate branding, working within brand guidelines, and a clear understanding of marketing strategies and concepts
Must have strong presentation skills, and outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
Ability to interpret creative direction, and a willingness to learn
A passion for the medium and a familiarity with its possibilities are essential
Familiarity with current advertising and design trends, and practical knowledge of Internet and multimedia technology
Attention to detail is a must

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