SEO Copywriter

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We are seeking an individual with exceptional direct to consumer search engine optimized copywriting, editing and proofreading skills, who has a proven track record of producing clear and compelling SEO/Online/eCommerce copy – preferably within the Financial, Insurance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical or Medical industries. The successful candidate will have extensive experience writing for conversion.

Responsibilities include
• Create Direct to Consumer, results driven, guided articles that will detail insurance and healthcare concepts and terminology
• Work with internal team to review requested content, ask questions, develop an outline and deliver strong SEO targeted articles of 250-500 words
• Evaluate key metrics captured from completed campaigns and adapt copy and content strategies to increase effectiveness and increase conversions.
• Monitor best practices in writing for the web (including writing for conversion and writing for mobile devices), social media trends, web usability, web design and business and industry trends.
• Backup content decisions with sound marketing rationale and clear understanding of how consumers consume digital messages and how to trigger consumer engagement.
• Write copy that responds to market needs, realities, risks and opportunities and achieves business objectives that are grounded in customer needs.