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SCRUM Project Manager

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Our Fortune 500 Tech client is seeking a SCRUM Project Manager!

• Program management of complex business initiatives
• PD program management standards
• PD portfolio management
• PD resource allocation monitoring
• JIRA Agile support & training for members of PD Scrum Teams
• Scrum Master Talent and Leadership

Scrum Master Role & Responsibilities
• Works under the supervision of a Scrum Master Leader and Coach
• Scrum Master for a software development team that is experienced in applying Scrum principles and practices.
• This position will facilitate scrum meetings and manage the scrum process. The Scrum Master will remove impediments to allow the team to deliver on its commitments and deliverables.
The Scrum Master plays a critical leadership role in the collaboration between the Product Owner and the Development Team.

Required Traits:
• Model Servant Leadership – A willingness to place the good of their team, and the business, ahead of their own personal and professional agenda.
• Team Empowerment & Commitment Advocate – At the same time set the expectation that teams make their own decisions on what they are capable of creating within a time-boxed iteration and setting the expectation that the team collectively commits to meeting their deliveries.
• Business Strategy Transparency – Relentless vigilance that the development teams are focused on the most critical priorities to the business unit. Question all work for its value to the business.
• Excellent Communication – Must be an animated communicator and facilitative leader with the ability to control a room of team members and product owners.
• Selective Assertiveness – See the necessity to step in and question (not change) a team’s direction in a way that the ultimate decision to change direction is made by the team [see Model Servant Leadership].
• Situational Awareness – Be intimately dialed in on their team’s dynamics and not delay to identify and clear barriers.
• Bounding Enthusiasm & Energy – Enable the team to learn from your energetic work orientation.
• Conflict Creation, and Resolution – Demonstrate that identifying issues that may lead to 1:1 or team conflict is a good thing when it’s immediately addressed.

Job Domain Skills:
• Grasp of and belief in the benefits of iterative development, and in particular the Scrum methodology.
• Working knowledge of incremental delivery, and the value of daily, weekly, sprint and release-level metrics.

• Experienced in –
o Grooming Product Backlogs
o Creating and maintaining Sprint Backlogs
o Depicting Sprint & Release burn down and burn up metrics
o Development Team Velocity
o Effective User Story development and Task definition
• Familiarity with Agile practices in software as a service-centric environments

• BA/BS degree in a related area or equivalent project management experience
• Project Management Professional Certification
• Scrum Master Certification

• Highly Desirable -
o Experience with of JIRA Agile project management application
o Beyond Scrum, a working knowledge of agile development methodologies including eXtreme Programming (XP), Lean Software Development (LSD), Lean Agile Done Right (LADR)

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