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RFP Writer

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***Due Diligence and RFP Writer ***

Position Summary:

The final role we are currently hiring for is an “Editor-in-Chief” that would primarily be responsible for:
1) Looking across all content to “craft” (and evolve) the voice of the client.
2) Partnering with Client/Sales teams, subject matter experts (including research professionals), and the Client Service/Marketing Department Head to craft our responses to the most important
content areas, DDQs, and RFPs.
3) Oversee Knowledge Management Associates in an “editor” role on the balance of our written due

Position Requirements:
Fundamental abilities
*Ability to quickly understand and deconstruct complex concepts

* Ability to synthesize complex concepts, both verbally and written, in a clear, commonsense and concise manner

* Creative, out of the box thinking that helps transform RFPs and DDQs into world class communications

* Ability and inclination to “take the bull by the horns” to a) improve the way we organize and communicate content, and b) learn a breadth of content about how the client operates

* Ability to have open, direct conversations about what you’re like, what’s working and what isn’t

* Strong work ethic and attention to details

* Innate curiosity, humility, confidence

Desired Experience:
* 3-5 years writing or editing investment content in a client service organization OR

* 3-5 years writing or editing investment related content for a financial publication, or similar medium OR

* 3-5 years writing or editing at a large publishing company

Required Skills:
1. Strong writing skills – preferably graduate level text analysis, reading comprehension and composition experience
2. Strong interpersonal skills

In addition, to succeed within our culture and work environment, individuals must demonstrate humility, innate curiosity, and openness to new ideas and approaches. Candidates must be driven, confident, and goal-oriented. All employees are expected to be honest, exceptionally direct, and eager to provide and receive feedback.

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