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Public Relations Manager

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Creates strategic vision and thought leadership for the external image of the brand, products and programs with media, analysts, end-users, partners, academics, government officials, community agencies and other influential constituencies. Also drives internal communications and message creation, training and execution.
Responsible for developing and managing the PR communications strategy and plans for both internally and externally in an individual subsidiary, multi-sub area or business group. Responsible for localizing the relevance of business priorities by audience in individual countries or regions.

Expected to sit on several virtual teams in a subsidiary, region or business group to counsel business leaders on a communication and brand strategy best suited for their products.
- Marketing Board
- National Plan
- Social media governance
- Leadership team
- Compete team

Position will work with country and corporate leadership to mitigate issues and identify opportunities that will help positively shift perceptions about the company and its products.

Owns the management and development of all communication plans; media relations strategies and when appropriate analyst relations strategies, internal communications and executive communications across products, services, citizenship and public advocacy. This person also owns or will be part of a team that manages the social media strategy for the corporate brand

Strategic overall communications responsibilities:
1. Partner with the country leadership team to determine the communication objectives, the key messages within the company’s global perception framework, and the focus areas for the corporate communications function in the sub
2. Responsible for coaching/briefing Managers/GM/ Business Group / Marketing Managers on messaging and storytelling for the company at media and public events.
3. Managing budget and resources appropriately for corporate communications teams.
- Budgets need to be distributed in accordance with sub priorities
- Budgets need to be prioritized as per audience consumption of various mediums
- Appropriately used between external and internal focus
- Appropriately used between agency and internal resources

4. Lead the communication team on partnering BGs and international PR teams on developing and executing product, services, initiatives and other PR campaigns
• Identify key influencers, media and analysts and develop an integrated outreach program
• Develop and maintain a calendar of news events for the local sub and ensure maximum optimization of moments of time across campaigns – both local and global news events.
• Ensure timely management of news cycles and handle any crisis communications in partnership with corp and international BG teams.
• Be part of the marketing governance council in the sub and contribute to the integrated communications agenda
• Be part of the compete council and develop and execute on communications as part of overall communications outreach that will enhance our USP vis a vis competitors.
• Manage all local subsidiary corporate (non product) social / digital media platforms
• Lead or co lead the Social governance council in the sub and set direction and strategy for the sub with respect to usage and messaging across social media platforms

5. Lead the PR team on partnering with BGs and international PR teams on developing and executing product PR plans.
• Develop compelling, concise, creative, and credible fact-based messaging to support product brand positioning.
• Act as trusted advisor and coach, briefing management and executives on key messages and storytelling for media interviews and public or internal events
• Media Strategy & Relations
- Identify and manage the engagement with top influential media, analysts and online influencers
- Evaluate, negotiate and manage PR vendors who support media relations
• Social Networking/Digital Communications Strategy & Capabilities
- Work closely with the CMG teams and digital marketing groups to build integrated plans that include and embrace digital resources, social networking, digital content, capabilities and techniques into PR activities.
• Crisis Communications and Mitigation Management
- Anticipate and lead strategy for mitigating issues or unexpected opportunities.
- Develop communications plan with key stakeholders involved with reactive or crisis situation for all audiences impacted by the situation.
• Business & Marketing DNA
- Anticipate and act on the realities and imperatives of the business and competitive market; act as a catalyst to address business issues or opportunities that could impact customer perception
- Ensure PR is well integrated into marketing campaigns and ensure PR is well docked and aligned with other marketing activities.
- Apply a data driven approach to developing and measuring communications strategy

6. Corporate/ Advocacy and Citizenship communications – Lead or Co partner the citizenship and community affairs team to determine the agenda The company should adopt as part of national plans with respect to the countries socio economic growth agenda. Be an active contributory member of the National plan team/ council in the country
• Responsible for strategic counsel, development of plans which will further our image in the key government elites mind both as a responsible and corporate citizen
• Partner with LCA on public advocacy issues and support them through programs ( not limited to communication only) and communication strategies which will impact positively the policy environment in which the company operates in every country. – ranging from IPR to TWC to Environmental Sustainability
• Run and manage the Govt Elites communications budget ( where applicable) to identify and execute an integrated communications programs with respect to the government elite audiences and be accountable for the IGES scores ( where applicable)
• Develop and maintain collateral which reflects the identity of The company in the country including but not limited to the Local Country story, brochures, films, etc.

7. (As appropriate) Internal Communications
• Anchor the internal (employee) communications function to:
• cascade the company management’s vision and mission cutting across product and business groups
• build pride about the company and motivate employees to be brand ambassadors
• build an employee community / engagement strategy
• Engage with key stakeholders – Leadership team, HR, business units/ groups, Citizenship, Global communications team to generate relevant and engaging content that can be appropriately shared with employees.
• Identify platforms and tools that will be used by country managers and their leadership teams including HR to engage with employees

8. (As appropriate) Executive communications
• Identify the platforms which the country manager which will lead with externally and help build the sought for image for the company in the country of operation
• Be accountable and responsible for creating content like speeches, ppt’s that will support his participation at speaker opportunities at external events which will help extend the platform

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