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Are you interested in working on the user experience that defines the next generation of human-computer interaction? How would you like to be prototyping the latest methods and design thinking that will directly affect how millions of users live their lives on a daily basis?

The team is looking for a prototyper to work with our design team as we re-imagine our experiences on a range of devices and input methods. You will be making the future a clickable reality and demonstrating how people will interact with, create, and consume content in this brave new world. In this role you will tightly collaborate with the best of user researchers, visual and UX designers, and program managers, and be involved from the early stages of feature planning through implementation and release. Your deliverables include a prototype that will: inspire the organization, realize the definition of our design language, and bring the product to life!

The ideal candidate is a hardworking, quick grasping, team player with awesome prototyping skills, significant attention to detail, and has the ability to deliver quickly and accurately.

• A minimum of three years’ experience prototyping in the technology industry. Five years preferred, with four years acting in a senior role.
• Experience executing interaction prototypes and code using a range of prototyping and development methods (HTML, Flash, XAML, WPF, etc.) is a MUST.
• Familiarity with standard design applications (including Illustrator and Photoshop) is a plus.
• Self-motivated, directed, and independent, requiring minimal supervision.